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this is in additional response to Oakies post in Exile on Mothers Day.

Just wishing all the moms at CR the best.

here is part of a song I wrote to my mom in 1992.
I am a musician & it was even used in a couple of services for Mothers Day & thought I would share some of it with the ladies here.

She was a preachers kid, so you know I got some good in me from her.

I remember when I was just a boy & you would take me by the hand

The smile on your face, I was then your little man.

Now I’ve grown up big & strong to be all that I can be,

From the love you gave to me.

I thank you mother, for the prayers you prayed for me

I love you mother, for the love you gave to me

And for showing me the Fathers love above,

God bless you mother.
Just a curious question - have we had Father's Day yet??
Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine said:
Nope. It's next Sunday. There's still time to buy the four radial tyres for your dad. :D

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
i am looking for that collect call from my son, wondering what he is doing. so i can look at myself in the mirror. ( that means a lot). He thinks i dont know what he is doing, but i can tell pretty quick from the mirror.

then call my dad & he can look at himself in the mirror.:)