How do you feel about the war in Iraq?

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I'll simply be glad when it's all over.

At least they're not holding back like they did with "Operation Desert Fox". At least they really are trying to make this a short war.
Their quite shocking when you think about it. the pics I mean. Think about the people on the ground there. :'(
I question The Government (TM)'s true motives for this crusade. there are too many inconsistencies and discrepencies and withheld info regarding objectives and details of an alleged threat to trust them. their intentions may indeed be good-- to a degree, but i disapprove of the means. however, suspicion is not proof. and i voted for Bush (he was the lesser of two evils). what should be considered a police action is instead made a declaration of war.
The war is such a terrible situation. I really do feel for all of the people involved. We lived through similar in the war, but it is an entirely different situation.
A necessary evil, to be sure. If we had simply done nothing, who knows how big a threat Saddam could have become? When Hitler first assumed power, he was a "mad little clown".
How long will it be before Kim Jung Il becomes the next Saddam or Osama. This war has a clear underlying agenda, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and Kim Jung Il are the next two leaders to be targeted by Bush. Before he came to power he had an intention to invade Iraq, and anyone with the slightest bit of sense will realise that he shouldn't even be in the whitehouse, the "election" was blatantly fixed. I get the distinct feeling that all the positive news of how the Iraqi public has greeted our "liberating force" with open arms, is not the true feeling of the Iraqi people. We are so quick to forget that just months ago most people worldwide opposed this war. It didn't matter though, it was inevitable, just like Iran and Korea are. It is my firm belief that our opinions on this war should not be clouded by current propaganda, and that if we opposed the war before, you should not allow the fact that Saddam is indeed an evil man to cloud the true facts. Britain and America have absolutely no place dictating world politics, and westernising the world. What are we going to get out of "victory"? Enough oil to last us another decade or so. What will they get? More MacDonalds, more Microsoft, and possibly a devote fundamentist leader. Hardly seems fair does it. Oh and past record would tend to suggest they don't even want Saddam dead. Castro - Still alive. Bin Laden - Alive and long forgotten. Saddam - Apparently still alive for the 3rd time now. Does beg the question, doesn't it.
Well, hopefully th fall of Baghdad heralds the real end of it all - no quick victory, but a constant petering campaign as like in Afghanistan (possibly more so than people would like).

Rumsfeld is threatening Syria again, though - one on his "axis of evil" lists (though forget whether Syria were a on the primary axis of evil list, or the secondary). Hopefully the US will be too tied up in Iraq for a while to turn attention elsewhere.

But if the US does try to invade Syria or Iran...I'llcertainly take to the streets. Iraq has been a long time coming, but we must ensure the sole superpower's military machine remebered that it does not own the world in name.
I will surely join you. My work wouldn't let me have that last Saturday off to protest in Hyde Park, the next time I will be going regardless. USA and Britain appear to have begun a truly frightening campaign of terror.