Contender Ministries

Hm, definitely looks like it's in the "fundamentalist Christian" category there. The same sort of fundy paradigms seem present, even though they are culturally defined, rather than scripturally.

Or am I simply benig too cynical?
Looks like pretty basic fundamentalist Christianity to me, albeit fairly well balanced for a change. I spent some time going through their commentary on Wicca, and--for the most part--they don't misrepresent, lie, or fall for the old fallacies like the one about how Wiccans worship Satan.

I was pleased to see they have a mailbag for "contending" viewpoints, with the idea that this is a forum for people to debate the merits of non-Christian belief. However, you will note that each letter from a Wiccan is followed by a letter from the editor, gently pointing out the error of the Wiccan's ways. In other words, it's rigged so that they get the last word.

If you believe in the absolute authority of Christian scripture, this site would be excellent, well thought-out, and informative. Its only drawback--which they wouldn't see as a drawback, of course--is that they approach the topic with the preconceived bias that Bible-centered Christianity is right and all other beliefs are wrong. Unless you accept their initial premise, that the Bible is the absolute authority for defining our relationship with God, you CANNOT use scripture as a logical argument without having it become circular.