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I was wondering if anyone knew much about Elizabeth Clair Prophet and The Church Universal and Triumphant. I once saw one of her meetings on cable tv a few years back. On one side of the stage was a portrait of Jesus and on the other, a portrait of St. Germain. There seemed to be more emphasis put on the latter.
Is this a New Age type organization along theosophical lines, maybe akin to the teachings of Madame Blavatsky? :confused: Just curious.
Why do I associate that name with Montessori Schools? Did she have something to do with that?

Saint Germain is a very popular New Age figure - whom if I remember right, is effectively immortal and continually walking this earth, popping up in various places, and with up there in the Masons/Rosicrucians area of mystical legend.
... just a word to the wise (and with full awareness of the risk of "stepping on toes") - Elizabeth Clare Prophet and her cult following of her dead husband (Mark Prophet, aka `Master Lanello'), St. Germain, etc. - is pure tripe! This is something best avoided like a nasty virus. This comes from firsthand experience, not personal bias.

Guy & Edna Ballard (?), Church Universal & Triumphant, and in fact the entire `I AM' movement strayed far from the Theosophical teachings popularized by H. P. Blavatsky, Annie Besant, C. W. Leadbeater, and several generations hence. Alice Bailey's teachings, the "2nd installment" of esoteric revelation (sic!) for the Aquarian Era (aka, "New Age"), stated plainly that the Masters as depicted by the I Am movement are a travesty of things as they are. Perhaps in the 3rd installment (as yet to emerge, but soon) we will see quite a new picture of things ... (see below)

Naturally, for those who are content chanting endlessly about the violet flame, and entertaining themselves with supposed rapports with the spook of St. Germain, there can be no convincing. Only experience will correct the error. Sincere aspiration involves little of the over-zealous devotion poured out upon these human constructs of the Great Ones. For a more accurate glimpse (if one really must "see what They look like"), try www.alpheus.org. Even on that site, there is bunk about the I Am folks, but look up the sketches of David Anrias (Nine Portraits of the Masters) - `Scott and Anrias' link on the left. It is most insightful.

Another hint: ANY time you see the phrase `ascended master' ... consider using your powers of discrimination (in the positive sense, of course). This term was popularized by the I am folks, and is NOT Theosophical. That is to say, it is redundant, and as a rule, esotericists do not use it. Teachers, is much more common. Or Great Ones, Hierarchy, and simply The Masters. But anyone who has studied estoeric teachings from the past 75 years is also aware ... that the race (Humanity) is progressing as a group now - this being what the Aquarian Age is all about - so the Master-Guru relationship, on the individual level, while not entirely superseded, is largely so. Initiation now occurs for groups, not individuals. Thus, insightful teachings about the early Theosophical Masters (esp. the "personal" details) ... are more likely to be misleading to the earnest seeker today, than helpful.

My 2 cents, if heavily biased - but again, it is not arbitrarily so. I'm not just whistlin' Dixie.

Anyone really interested in St. Germain should consider that 99% of ANYTHING referring to him this way, is bunk. Theosophically he is known as Master R. (Rakoczy, with varied spellings). <See here, for image.> Accurate descriptions of this Master can be found in Initiation, Human and Solar (by Alice Bailey), online at www.netnews.org. Other presentations, and details about this Master's work, are presented throughout the Tibetan's (Alice Bailey's) teachings, esp. in Externalization of the Hierarchy. Before you assume I have an axe to grind with the Prophets, I AM people, or whatever ... at least consider these alternate presentations of the possibilities. Then it may make some sense.


St. G looked better when he carried a bit more weight, in his Court of Louis days.

Listening to much of the stuff channelled out there, has anyone else noticed that a lot of channellers went to the Criswell* School of Declamatory Oration?

I tend to find the actual content of much channeled material pretty inpenetrable due to the jargon used. I'm pretty certain its English, but its of the form that moved Harrison Ford to say to George Lucas 'George, you may be able to type that ***, but no one can read it'

I happily concede it may be correct but can anyone actually tell me what ti MEANS?

*For the uninitiated, Criswell was a Mind Reader and Spiritualist who worked with Ed Wood on a number of films, including the seminal 'Plan 9 from Outer Space'