Could Rastas and Christians Really Unite?

truthseeker said:
No one is going to risk going to hell just for the sake of empowerment.

I think that is the FUNNIEST thing I have heard in a long damn while...

Not sure why, but lemme venture an explanation: it seems to point to the fallacy of faith when used as a security blanket, as opposed to people who take faith as a jump-off point from which to do good works--those who are empowered by thier faith.

"No one is going to risk going to hell just for the sake of empowerment." I love it. I wish I had it on a bumpersticker or something. :p

Seriously, though, and to kinda speak to the issue at hand, Rastafari and Christianity... So, I've been peeking into Rastafari as a faith over the past week or so and, while I am intrigued, I am also perplexed. What intrigues me about Rasta is that it does seem to be a faith of individual empowerment and social change. I love that about it. The thing that strikes me as strange is all of the obscure Biblical prophecies and references. One question that comes to mind is, "Why Halie Salassie?" What's the deal with this Emperor of Ethiopa that he is revealed as God incarnate? So much of Reggae music, to me, seems to point to the divinity and inherent worth in each human being, so I don't get it--why elevate a dictator to status of Saviour?

Christians and Rastas uniting? I have to side with the nay-sayers on this one. Like truthseeker pointed out, Christians can't even stop disagreeing with themselves, so I find it highly unlikely that they will create a smorgasboard of faith with dreadlocked, ganja-tokin' soul rebels. ;) And maybe that's a good thing. :D
Pathless said:
I think that is the FUNNIEST thing I have heard in a long damn while...


i think that was the night that Truthseeker sat down on the camp fire by mistake & said, "My buns are on fire" . :D
Judah_B said:
Ethiopia is the last standing Independent Christain Nation. Also remember reading in the Acts of the Apostles of how Philip baptised the Ethiopian official. He is the first Ethiopian on record to have followed Christ, from that time, the Word of God has continued to grow.
No disrespect is meant But I have read the book, and I saw the 12 Tribes of Isreal, I didn't see Catholic's or the many other branches where ever they came from. I saw the disciples and the followers of Christ, and in the end times I saw the great multitudes that followed Christ, they were brought up to HIM, I also saw the 12 Tribes of Israel being sealed up, 12000 from each tribe making the number, 144,000.
And now that I write this I do see the other branches regardless of their names, like I said earlier Yesus Christ is Our Lord and Saviour. So InI are brethren and sistern, we all have a apart in the prophecy.

Blessed are they that see without believing for the same shall be saved.
And blessed are they that believe without seeing.

I don't remember the exact book, but I do remember reading that the Ethiopian eunuch was likely of Jewish descent as many were spread abroad the known world during that time. And became a proselyte christian via the apostle Philip.

But I do find most of what you mentioned in my studies.
CanuckRasta said:
For the most part, yes. But I am not.

What do consider yourself?
Is there any biblical name or reference for Rastas?
I know Samson in the bible was a "nazarite" from birth, would he be considered a Rasta If he lived today?
I know this is not related to the topic but Judah B isn't really new just look at the joined...Though i do see this is only your 2nd post.

he was elevated to that level because it gave blacks hope to see soemone like him and learn about him, it helped give momentum to a movement alrerady in action with roots in garveyism, ethiopianism, and older african and caribbean revolts and revolutionary thought
No there is a BIG DIFFERENCE between Rastas and Christians.
First of all white people have MODIFIED the bible so all the churches are teaching from THE WRONG BIBLE.
The original bible is called THE ETHOPIAN BIBLE and it has more books and is the ONLY BIBLE that is translated directly from the ORIGINAL TEXT.
And second the rastafari lives on a system called the I&I meaning that you are DIRECTLY connected to god and only do what gods tells you to do.
You need to learn how to understand god commands thru a system of feeling the energy in your body.
You can only do this if god has you CHOSEN to do this.