Which Odin is this?



Heres a link to a statue of the Norse God Odin:


The last image of the page has a Frankenstein-like Odin carving with his tounge sticking out.

Anyone have any info on this dude? A specific name for the carving, a museum its in, a location where it was found? Is this a real artifact or built for the tourists?
I have seen this picture before, of the carved Odin that looks like Frankenstein. Although I can't remember a source, I know that it is genuinely ancient, and that it is genuinely some carver's rendering of the god Odin. Odin had a very Christ-like death and resurrection, bringing back the holy word (the runes) with him, as Christ, the word, was not left for corruption in the grave by God. To me Odin and Christ are the same being. My mother thinks this carving of Odin looks like Christ, not Frankenstein, hahaha!