US citizens snap up free Korans


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US interest in the Muslim holy book Koran has risen after reports of its mishandling at Guantanamo Bay, a Muslim charity has said in Washington.

The Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR) said it had received over 5,000 requests for free copies over the last two weeks.

One copy was being requested almost every minute, it said.

Reports of the Koran's mishandling led to violent anti-US protests last month.
Even after the rioting in Afganstain over the burning of the Koran and anti American sentiment, it seems many people in America are not angry with Muslims but trying to understand them and their religion.what do you think?
Hello/Salaam, and Peace to All Here--

Good! Maybe it will clear up some misunderstandings about Islam--that is if the free copies actually get read....:)

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Inter-faith and acceptance of Moslems

In my community we have an Islamic Center and the Inter-faith Council has basically promoted dialogue and understanding between religions.

A Christain Church in my town also hosted a Ramadan service with the Moslem community so on the whole i think things are melow here... Oh yes I did accept a "free Qur'an" because i like to compare the translations. Baha'is also revere the Qur'an.

- Art
Many of these probably just want to desecrate the Holy Book even more... can't believe we are still naive to think that they can actually respect it!
I would hope there would be no desecration of the Holy Qur'an...

You know a lot of Americans didn't approve of the reports about Quantanimo that Qur'an was desecrated and i know in my community some Christians who were outraged by this.

I also know that the distribution of Qur'an through the local Islamic Center was selective and to sincere people.

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