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But whoever does not truly have God within themselves, but must constantly receive him in one external thing after another, seeking God in Diverse ways, whether by particular works, people or places, such a person does not possess God. The least thing can impede them, for they do not have God and do not seek, love and intend him alone. It is not only bad company but also good company that can obstruct them, not only the street but also the church, not only evil words and deeds but also good words and deeds, for the obstruction lies within themselves, since in them God has not become all things...

But where is this true possession of God, whereby we really possess him, to be found? The real possession of God is to be found in the heart, in an inner motion of the spirit towards him and striving for him, and not just in thinking about him always and in the same way...We should not content ourselves with a God of thoughts for, when the thoughts come to an end, so too shall God. Rather, we should have a living God who is beyond the thoughts of all people and all creatures. That God will not leave us, unless we ourselves choose to turn away from him.

(From Talks of Instruction, #6)
Hello, and Peace to All Here--

I have never read Eckhart (except through some of the posts in CR.) I must tell you that the first opportunity I have to read instead of "proofread", Eckhart is at the top of my list. I can hardly wait.

I am "relatively" (whatever that implies) formally uneducated, I guess. LOL--I suppose I don't "know" enough to even know.

But Eckhart, I am reading.:)