A restored soul
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Here's a little something that came to me after spending time in God's Word and prayer.

Trusting in God is like flying. We're on a cliff over the ocean, scary, yet such an adventure. Others are out there flying, but they can't hold up others on their backs. We gain our own wings when we say, "Yes, Jesus, come in." Then the Spirit whispers, "Open your wings and fly." We resist at first, but the Word speaks louder than our protests. So we creep closer to the edge. We don't know if our wings are strong, but He says, "Yes, I will lift you up." So we take heart, open our wings, close our eyes, breathe a prayer and jump. Suddenly, the wind of the Spirit lifts us, up to heights we could never imagine. The world, it looks so small. People stand on a simple hill and shout, "Look how high I am!" Yet they are blind to us, because we are in the Son, and only those with wings know what that is like. The earth, with its gravity of temptation, lures us down, but if we don't look down, and cry, "Spirit, save me!" We will stay aloft, as we gaze into the face of Jesus.
i always put trust & faith in the same bag so to speak & i can relate to you flying there, Blessed87.

before i really understood, my first thoughts were to walk across the high dive blindfolded. walking back & forth & not being able to see, yet knowing that if i lose balance & fall, the water would somehow protect me from the fall & let me swim to the edge. giving me the opportunity to climb the high dive & do it all over again.

scary? yes it was.

so i had to let my faith go ahead of me, then i learned to trust God.

the more times i did it, the easier & less afraid i was to do it.
of course i started out on the low dive:)