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The current layout of boards for this community reflects the structure of the main site itself - but I'm becoming increasingly aware that this is possibly quite limiting.

So I'm taking suggestions on what people would like to see around here.

I think there is room to expand into other areas, and I'm happy to restructure the forum to suit. I have a couple of ideas of my own, but they've not yet set into anything definite. So feel free to make your own sugestions. :)
Originally posted by I, Brian
Actually, perhaps this is part of the parcel of why this place could do with widening it's scope to encompass new boards to properly deal with people's perceptions. I'll start a new topic in the suggestions section.


Why don't you start up an "Atheist's Corner" or something like that, and invite all the folks from Physics.Forums.Com to come over and have look? It'll probably be riot! :D

Also, how about a board on Greek Mythology, or mythology in general? :)
I said:
Certainly an athiest's corner is a possibility. However, it could be so only the grounds that there is no riot!

How about about a "controlled riot?" Of course people should be required to abide by certain guidelines. I just thought it would be a good opportunity to allow some of them to present their viewpoints - some of which may be a bit contentious - and give them a chance to converse with knowledgable and intelligent people, and possibly dispel such notions as the prerequisite for being religious is "being ignorant." ;)
Or as an alternative - put in a Riot Gear zone, where the obnoxious stuff can get put & we all know to go in with our Nomex (?) suits on.

I like the general tone here - keeping things respectful is good....
Some thoughts

Under world religion, there's basically "Everything" and "Christianity". Might be an idea to add in the other major topics from the top level, perhaps - Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, etc. I know there's a lot of Buddhist perspective scattered in the "Everything" threads (thanks to one contributor I won't even TRY to spell without a post of his handy...).

I don't know how much work the topics are to maintain, though - and some of them may be lightweight volumes.

.... Bruce
brucegdc said:
Or as an alternative - put in a Riot Gear zone, where the obnoxious stuff can get put & we all know to go in with our Nomex (?) suits on.

I like the general tone here - keeping things respectful is good....

I agree.

One possible model for this is found on another board I visit occasionally. They have an area called "the BBQ Pit" where members can vent, let off steam, and even blast one another into smasll, crunchy cinders to their hearts' content. That's where the debates are taken if they get personal.

For my part, I see no value in ad hominem attacks, and prefer to keep the tone respectful at all times, but I recognize that not all feel this way. There ARE times, for some, when someone is such an xxxhole that all that will do is to call him that to his face. Unfortunately, even after venting or being vented at in such an arena, it's tough not to go back to the more civilized boards without carrying a bit of left-over vitriol with you.

I don't think this concept mixes well with a specifically atheist board, however. Back in my atheist days, I was reasonably civilized about it, and it would not have been necessary to usher me off to my own private ranting room. I DO, however, see atheism as a legitimate religion in its own right . . . though I know a few atheists who would draw and quarter me for that statement. In my opinion, atheism requires at least as much faith as does a belief in transubstantiation.

So . . . perhaps a separate room for atheist/agnostic debate, and another for flaming/venting/ranting?

Ah. One other model offered by that other board that might be useful here. Hasn't been a need for it yet, but the day may yet come when you'll want to have a separate place specifically for proselytizing. So far, everyone has been respectful of others' beliefs, at least for the most part, but I have seen some posts from fundies here, and they may be itching to tell others not only why they believe what they believe, but why OTHERS should believe it too. If you have a designated witnessing zone, Brian, it may preclude--or at least reduce--problems in other forums as your board traffic picks up.
If truth be told, I have no real interest in either a specifically atheist forum, nor at all a flaming one.

My experience of atheism skims through extremes: from serious Biblical scholars of no belief, to aggressive baiters simply out to be offensive - especially to Christians.

However, there is certainly a definite need for a distinct philosophy area, where aspects of atheism, agnosticism, deism, pantheism, etc, can have a specific arena for dicussion.

I also see a need for a board covering general beliefs - I'm sure there are many issues either skirted around, else of general interest, that shouldn't strictly come under any specific religious banner.

Opening up Religion Central into other boards has always been a plan - though I've tried to let the need arise first, rather than force open boards if little used.

Same for the alternative section - opening up into specific boards for paganism, ceremonial magick, and perhaps wicca and witchcraft.

As for proselytising - a distinct concern and one I've wondered about. Perhaps a special area for that would be necessary. Or not. I guess it requires playing by ear.

As I approach the general re-structuring issue, there's also very much a need for the building of a team of moderators. This is likely going to come hand in hand with the restructuring.
Just a quick cosmetic note: with someone unfamiliar with the forums it can be difficult moving around because the colors are all shades of grey and it is hard to tell what is where.
Oh, and also maybe just a subject thread for Atheism and Agnosticism? Perhaps for members who happen to be Atheists or Agnostics to explore why they feel the way they do. There don't seem to be any horrible attacks on those that are Catholics or I don't believe that those Atheists and Agnostics would be flamed. As a matter of fact, I think that it might be interesting to discuss how everyone formed their belief systems and the road that brought them to the faith they hold today. May just be the curiosity factor, but I would find it interesting.
Sorry, one more thing.

I've always been curious about the historical facts noted in the Bible. However, I'm no scholar and the priest who began to explain them to me moved away and I don't have any close contact with him. Maybe an exploratory thread? Who wrote what and when. When were those events happening according to archeology? Does that information match the information in the Bible? Has the archeology been influenced by Christianity, so that results are interpreted in one way?

It could start with a hard list of actual historical events that we *know happened and move on from there. Perhaps a subheading for each event?

*Know as in reasonably can assume happened through exhaustive archeological research.
Thanks for the feedback - always much appreciated. :)

I'm going to try and work on notes for a suitable structure now - there's a definite need for something orientated specifically towards the philosophical positions of Atheism and Agnosticism, plus the actual disciplines of philosophy itself.

I'll certainly get on the case.
Thoughts from a newcomer:

I like the general structure, although I think I'd prefer the "forum" link on the left side to be a bit more obvious. (From other discussion forums, I'm used to "forum" being a main link, and the religions listed under that being each individual religion's discussion area--it was a little troublesome to figure out that wasn't the case here.)

I like the tone of the discussions. I hope the forum continues to grow.

I can see a need for some sort of an atheism/agnosticism area. (Whether or not they're "religions," they certainly have a lot of bearing on "religious issues today.") And while I don't see a current need for a "flame pit" or "anything goes--blast away!" board, it'd be a good idea to keep in mind, and be ready to create one if it looks like the forum wants such an area. (Possibly it could be used for conversion attempts as well--that would let proselytizing threads have a place to go.)

Possibly an "Apologetics" board--where people of different religions could provide evidence for, and debate the merits of, their religions with non-believers. It'd have to be watched, or have looser controls; apologetics is a touchy, often flame-ridden subject. It might be nice to have an area to discuss "what makes religion X worth following? How do its followers justify their belief that _______?"

I'm not sure why "alternative spirituality" isn't under "World Religions." (Nor, for that matter, why "ancient belief systems" isn't there.) I think those would nicely shape the "World Religions" area, giving it four parts: Christianity (the biggest & most well-known religion in the English-speaking world), Other Religions (which could be expanded if any one or several other religions have enough activity to justify their own boards), Alt. Spirituality (which would include non-religious spiritual beliefs & philosophies), and Ancient Beliefs (history of religions).
from another newbie, and apparently off subject it might seem, but i would love to see a poetry/creative writing board for the community as a creative outlet when desired.

Interesting idea - though one of my main concerns there is the loss of rights by publishing no the internet. There certainly could be room for creative expression - but until I have a clearer idea on how to protect rights then it would be detrimental to contributors - namely if they were looking to one day sell their work.

Something to think about, though.
How about a Thread for those interested in the Gnostic teachings?
Not too sure where it ought to go, though....

Warmest Regards,

Why not start one with your own perceptions of the issue, and see how it progesses? :)
Where would be a good idea to put it?
As much of it's based around the Christian teachings would it fit in the 'Monotheism' Forum?

Hi IMSassafras - and welcome to CR! :)

Certainly such a forum would be interesting - but AFAIK, there are only 2 Ba'hai members who are even nominally present (and less than 5 posts between them). If there were enough active members of the Ba'hai faith to justify such a board then I'm sure there will be one.

Hi Phyllis -

I have Asatru marked down for after Christmas, in the form of an essay for the "Alternative Spirituality" section of the main site - as well as putting up the Poetic Eddas in a New Nordic section within Ancient Mythology. All soon. :)

I have a very major expansion of the main site planned between Christmas and Easter. :)