How Do You Celebrate Eid?


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Assalamu Alaykum!

I just thought.. I have never been to a country where Muslims are majority, where Islam is a way of life of majority citizens. I know that there are millions of Muslims out there, different cultures, races and languages. I wanted to find how Eid is celebrated in your homelands?

I will share my memories that I have. I remember that on the first day of Eid, men would go to the mosque for the Eid prayers. Back at home, women will make sure that everyone is dressed in their best clothes. There must always be baklava (walnut dessert) for Eid! Everyone would visit their families, and children would go from home to home in their neighborhoods to wish best Eid wishes to their neighbors. If you see an elderly person, a child is to wish the Eid wishes and kiss their hands. Then it was a custom for the adults to give something to the kids. Either candy, fruit or money for those things.
The Eid of sacrifice was similar to the first Eid (I do not know how to say it in Arabic language, so please forgive me). Men go to the mosque early for prayers. People dress beautifully and visit each other. Then, when the sacrifice ram was slaughter in the Name of God Almighty, its meat is shared with the neighbors or the poorest neighbors we know.
In my country the first day of each Eid celebration was the biggest, then the second two days are usually spent with visiting friends in the community.
How do people celebrate Eid in your country?

I'm a new member and brother, and i'm from the east.. from india to be exact..

Hmmm.. let me recollect..

Eid is always a very exciting day, right from when we wake up for fajr prayers, we always used to get excited about what's to be done, where to go..

In the morning, the whole family goes to the mosque, not just the men, but also women and children and we pray in different rooms.. Check out the crowd! brotherhood like nowhere else in town..

Yeah! back at home, it's breakfast time.. since the prayer was at 9 in the morning, not many people would have had their breakfast, including us.. so back at home a feast is laid out! and.. nice puddings too..

Now it's visiting time, take the car keys!.. we're off to see our relatives and loved ones..

Everyone greets us with a hug and "Eid mubarak".. and everyone is happy and smiling on this beautiful day..

Coming back home, we find that it's time to lunch already.. In India we eat what is called "biriyani", its something like deep fried rice with chicken pieces.. it's particularly famous during eid.. and its very tasty too :p

It's also a day when kids enjoy a lot, since their little cousins come home to play with them..

I also have to mention that it has always rained on eid (i.e. in my city)! It's really a blessing, as india has a lot of water shortage and drought problems! Alhamdulillah Rabbil' Alameen!