Religion barrier to marraige ?


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Alright i just watched a movie few days ago, where there was actually a couple whose parents wont allow them to get married just because the guy was a Christian and the girl Hindu, however in the end they did, and we have seen many cases where the people of different religion get married. However religions dont allow the person to marry the person of some other religion ( that's something i know from my religion i.e Islam). However, I came to a conclusion that this is something that makes human beings different, hell they cant marry together ? and live forever? they cant love that person that forever. cant have kids and make a family, just becuse of religion, it makes them different?

Id like to hear others opinion on this, its not like im actually in a love with a girl of some other religion or anything, it's just a general thought that i want opinions on and discuss, to make it sound easy to me.

P.s, im not against my religion, but agnostic abt this little thing! and i have not particularly heard or rad that people of different religion arent allowed to marry, or is it just a tradition favoured by our forefathers? and parents?
I guess one way of looking at it is that religion is very much an expression of culture, so a coupling between two people of very different religions is very much a clash of very different cultures - so obivously there is so much room for misunderstanding and friction, especially where traditional views within each culture (whether religiously proscribed or not) are upheld by the individual parties but may not agree between them.

So I'd suggest it's not necessarily the religion itself, as much as the culture, of which religion forms an inherent part.