What is hope?



Throughout the Christian scriptures, and I am sure in some form, other forms of scripture, the phrase "faith, hope, and charity" are repeated. We are told that charity is the greatest and that it is the love of Christ. Faith is something that is hoped for, but not seen. But there is not a pointed definition of hope. What is hope? What gives us hope? Is it a noun or verb?
Hi salaloha, welcome to CR. :) Must admit I'm being lazy--this is from an old thread on the topic of hope.

Lots of things came to mind, but I think what I will say is that what gives me hope is that we sometimes get it right, and sometimes brilliantly so. In spite of how imperfect, fragile and often dull we are, we still have Einsteins and da Vincis and Mozarts and Shakespears, Gandhis and Martin Luther King Jr.s and Elizabeth Cady Stantons and Mother Teresas. We see pictures of the beginnings of the universe from our telescopes. We find cures for brutal diseases. We hide escaped slaves and hunted Jews in our attics. Sometimes we even hold the door open for each other.