London Bomb attacks!


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I seriously cant belive this!
Im was so shocked and deviatsted!
i mean...whos going to benefit from this...

This is what the Al-Qaeda website that they found has said:

'' In the name of God, the merciful, the compassionate, may peace be upon the cheerful one and undaunted fighter, Prophet Muhammad, God's peace be upon him.

Nation of Islam and Arab nation: Rejoice for it is time to take revenge against the British Zionist Crusader government in retaliation for the massacres Britain is committing in Iraq and Afghanistan. The heroic mujahideen have carried out a blessed raid in London. Britain is now burning with fear, terror and panic in its northern, southern, eastern, and western quarters.

We have repeatedly warned the British Government and people. We have fulfilled our promise and carried out our blessed military raid in Britain after our mujahideen exerted strenuous efforts over a long period of time to ensure the success of the raid.

We continue to warn the governments of Denmark and Italy and all the Crusader governments that they will be punished in the same way if they do not withdraw their troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. He who warns is excused.

God says: "You who believe: If ye will aid (the cause of) Allah, He will aid you, and plant your feet firmly."

See what I said about more to come....

What do u people think about it,its again al Qaida, ..Why these People kill innocent ppl in name of Allah..When Islam is religion of Peace and Love...then why such harm to innocent ppl.
Does this mean these terrorist are behind false viel claiming to be just part of peaceful religion?
Hi to all

I become very sad and anger when I heard that .... they use the name of Allah and Al Islam to justify their bad behaviour ...

( If they are Muslims whom did that ) .

Allah said which can be translated as :

YUSUFALI: Say: "Come, I will rehearse what Allah hath (really) prohibited you from": Join not anything as equal with Him; be good to your parents; kill not your children on a plea of want;- We provide sustenance for you and for them;- come not nigh to shameful deeds. Whether open or secret; take not life, which Allah hath made sacred, except by way of justice and law: thus doth He command you, that ye may learn wisdom.

PICKTHAL: Say: Come, I will recite unto you that which your Lord hath made a sacred duty for you: That ye ascribe no thing as partner unto Him and that ye do good to parents, and that ye slay not your children because of penury - We provide for you and for them - and that ye draw not nigh to lewd things whether open or concealed. And that ye slay not the life which Allah hath made sacred, save in the course of justice. This He hath command you, in order that ye may discern.

SHAKIR: Say: Come I will recite what your Lord has forbidden to you-- (remember) that you do not associate anything with Him and show kindness to your parents, and do not slay your children for (fear of) poverty-- We provide for you and for them-- and do not draw nigh to indecencies, those of them which are apparent and those which are concealed, and do not kill the soul which Allah has forbidden except for the requirements of justice; this He has enjoined you with that you may understand.

Islam doesn't call Muslims to kill the humans even the person self ( those whom bumped themselves are not muslims because in Islam our bodies are secretariat with us ) .

Muslims around 1/5 of the world population .... those few bad people doesn't represent all Muslims .... they put their perceptions about Islam as the real teaching of Islam according to their understanding .

we are as Muslims very sorry about what happened in London today ...Allah help all people .

We present solace to the British people
Unfortunately, extremism exists in many ideologies - it's just a shame that Islam is being used in what is effectively little more than an anarchistic pseudo-political cause.

The fact that Arab diplomats are now apparently being murdered in Iraq is additionally shocking, and shows the degree of barbarity involved.

These people are not Muslims - they are just angry people looking for an excuse to justify their sadistic self-hatred applied upon others.
hello/salam everyone
i'm not going to say too much here....i'll probably get myself chucked off this whole site....and i don't want to do that because i like it here:(
what can i say? i don't know:mad:
on a different thread i mentioned that my home country is jordan. actually i am half jordanian half english.
ok. my jordanian (muslim) half feels so horrified and ashamed from muslim terrorist attacks. the islam does not allow suicide nor does it allow killing of innocents. this is quite clear in the islam. people who carry out or encourage this type of attack are damaging the muslim respect in the world and bringing shame on the muslims.
at the same time, though, i can easily understand how it happens. it is political not religious, but people have been manipulated to believe that they are doing a great thing by making these attacks. the political situation in the world needs to be addressed. there are many causes and effects involved and it is not a simple issue.
and my english half ????? my english half also feels ashamed and disgusted with my own country (england) for allying itself with usa and their foreign policy. they are putting the innocent people of this country at risk....for what ?!
i think i'd better go before i get myself into trouble.:mad:
Salaam Alaikum--Peace to All Here,

I think I speak for a lot of people in the non-Islamic communities when I say I understand that these terrors are not being committed by true followers of Allah. True Muslims need not apologize for the actions of dark-hearted hoodlums. I do understand how you feel--I feel the same way when people do harm in the name of Christ--and there has been plenty of that throughout history.

If it's any consolations, I don't believe many Christians enjoy the fact that the IRA, Mafia, and Lords Army, all claim to be Christian like either.
Yes even i feel its not fair for ppl to condemn entire religon for the action one extremist goup. I bleieve that these attacks are wrong n why cant muslim leaders n other leaders do something about it, let not these terrorist use and tarnish good faith and name of Religion.
Ordinary british or iraqi ppl did not carry the attacks but they are the main sufferes.Many muslims are there in london, does that mean they carried the attack.Non muslims who are against Islam get a chance to speak bad about Muslim n there religion just because of such extremists..there had been attacks by non muslim but they never hide there face under viel of there religion then why muslims do so.
How to exclude and defeat such people who have hateful hearts,insensitive towards innocent people.
Being a Muslim I condemn this cowardice attack in the strongest possible words...and ways....

I do not think any of those who associate themselves with Osama Bin Laden or Al-qaeeda are muslims.... they are Not...
No where In Quran and In any Hadith it is said to Kill Innocent people , in strictly in my opinion This Moron Osama Bin Laden has an axe to grind against the Saudi Monarchy , it is even said he is a contender for the saudi throne, unfortunatley One persons personal ambitions have turned into Love/Hate see/saw against a religion. ..... and have been exploited by the vested interests ...

And although I do not know much of London .....but some one some where mentioned..
"king's cross is a muslim area of london -- and so is russell square -- also, the double decker was parked close to the V & A which of course is a Muslim museum"

though honestly I do not really know....about the areas nomenculture.....and would like someone from England or London to

In the End I again in the strongest possible word...Condemn these attacks.
If it's any consolations, I don't believe many Christians enjoy the fact that the IRA, Mafia, and Lords Army, all claim to be Christian like either.
I'm a afraid Brian you must not realise what quite what has happened, we are talking about suicide bombers, people willing to take there own lives to cause as much infliction and harm to others in revenge or an effort to get a message across. But we have never witness anything quite like these attacks compared to the IRA and Mafia. The IRA and Mafia do not give there own lives and in regards to the Mafia they target specific people and in many instances the IRA alert the authorities of there actions before hand. But nothing of this scale has ever been seen, it is pure evil, those people who think they will go to Paradise are actually going straight to hell, and it's for reasons like this that I believe there is justice one way or an other. People from my community are in intensive care, a Greek Cypriot 19 year girl and a Greek Cypriot 52 year old professor but my thoughts go out to all victims there family and relatives, just innocent people getting with there lives. I only hope the murderers are caught.
Just for information
Hi all
About what happened in london ...I want to explain some points here after I read the arabic words which sent by that terrorist people in their site at the web , Firstly :they spoke in the name of Arabs and Muslims ... while AlQaeda and the Islamic groups that related to it never spoke in it (in the name of arabs )they always call to Islamic unity and fight those whom call to the arab unity .
Secondly : they said bad words about prophet Mohammad (PUH) they said in Arabic " محمد الضحوك القتال" or in English Mohammad the risible and killer ... so their are many signals which have big question mark about whom wrote these words ....and whom did these bad behaviour .
and Allah know the truth...
Postmaster said:
I'm a afraid Brian you must not realise what quite what has happened, we are talking about suicide bombers, people willing to take there own lives to cause as much infliction and harm to others in revenge or an effort to get a message across.
more than one person carried out the attacks and there was "absolutely nothing to suggest" they were suicide bombings, but that nothing could be ruled out. [Police commissioner Blair]
Dude the attack on America 9/11, I mean I can say there must be many Muslims killed in that attack, even in london there might be many injured. But in the end, its all done in the name of Allah and Quran. According to Jihad , what I have in my mind, Quran said" Fight against those who fight against you". Now I can support both the Britshers and Americans and the Al-Qaeda. What Osama Bin LAden and his company would think is that they are taking revenge for the muslims killed in Iraq, Afghanistan , Palestine etc etc. There's no answer in what to say, about this conflict. But in the end I'd say there are many innocent people killed in these attacks. As a true Muslim I'd say just because there 9/11 attack, it has lead to terror in Afghaniustan and Iraq. Blame Osama Bin Lamer! God will never send them to heaven , to me they are more like pagans, who give bad name to Islam and make them live in the state of shamery. Knowing what the 9/11 attack has done to Islam's image ,they keep on doing this.
My personal opinions are that a) Allah has a special place for those who planned/carried out the bombings (if they are/were male, the virgins they will spend eternity with will all be male and not interested at all in learning Islam [but, concerning "adult entertainment"...] or Bush/A$$croft/some others with the same mindset) and b) these wastes of a good evening's adult entertainment are just as bad as the JDL, World Church of the Creator, Aryan Nation, and other groups who kill/injure those who have abso-freaking-lutely nothing to do with the case (which Allah hates with all of the passion He holds. :mad: )

I may be wrong though (concerning opinion a) but I'm not as familiar with Islam as I'd like to be. :(

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
nomanshake said:
According to Jihad , what I have in my mind, Quran said" Fight against those who fight against you". Now I can support both the Britshers and Americans and the Al-Qaeda.
The verse you are quoting is incomplete and you are thinking of only one part of one verse & thats why you feel that you can support everyone. The complete verse is:
Fight in the cause of Allah those who fight you, but do not transgress limits; for Allah loveth not transgressors. [Qur'an, 2:190]
Going out of bounds is not allowed; very important indeed. in this regard, Osama and Co. should not forget that Allah says in the Qur'an (interpretation of the meaning):
O ye who believe! stand out firmly for Allah, as witnesses to fair dealing, and let not the hatred of others to you make you swerve to wrong and depart from justice. Be just: that is next to piety: and fear Allah. For Allah is well-acquainted with all that ye do. [Qur'an, 5:8]
Read 4:94 as well.
And Allaah knows best.
I said:
If it's any consolations, I don't believe many Christians enjoy the fact that the IRA, Mafia, and Lords Army, all claim to be Christian like either.

Most every religion has these schisms which have ingested and try to spread poisoning winds of sedition. Hindus and Moslems bomb eachother around Kashmir, Tamils (which are Hindu I think) around Sri Lanka, an so on.
I would like to view my opinions as a white Northern (UK) resident that does not pretend to know very much about the Islamic religeon. I don't particularly belive in God or have a specific faith however I am a good person and wholly respect anyones religeon or beliefs.

To my horror I was appauled to hear racial hatred yesterday by some teenage idiots in England football tops. From what I know about Islam it is about Love, respect and peace, I can only sympathise with anyone that is taunted or racially abused by people that are trying to give Islam a bad name. They are sad people. Not everyone in this country is as narrow minded.

It is fundamentaly clear that these idiots who commited the explosions last week in London are disinformed and are NOT representatives of Islam. My thoughts, respect and admiration for all Muslims in the United Kingdom will continue.

My thoughts are with the dead and injured and not forgetting the poor family in West Yorks who have just lost their son but also to find out that he was a terrorist. It must be very hard for them to come to terms with the tradgic situation.

Mr J ,Thank you very much about your opinions and perceptions about Islam ,I think this reflect how good person are you and you have a deep feeling of humanity

It is amazing how evil people can use religion to justify their hatred. I am originally Bosnian and Muslim. As you probably all have heard about the war, I witnessed first hand of how religion can be used to commit genocide. From a main message of Christianity--love, certain politicians in former Yugoslavia decided to make it into: revenge, hatred, something hateful. A campaign of returning 'Turks' towards the 'faith of the great grandfathers' was their mission. How they did it? Murder, rape, ethnic cleansing, nazi style concentration camps. The same strategy was used in WWII when 6 million innocent Jewish people were murdered all over the place.
Today, Islam is used to entice people into hatred. It is horrible what happened in London! I feel for all the innocent lives lost, and as a Muslim I want to offer my condolances to the families who lost loved ones! May they be in peace!
I also feel for all other innocent people all over the globe who are suffering: Muslims who have been killed and degraded in Palestine, Christians who have suffered persecution for their believes in Africa, Jews who were killed in suicide attacks, Buddhists who suffered in Tibet, etc.
I believe as people with faith in God (or any faith that a person may have) and people with conscience, we must not support anything that causes one to suffer in any way (politically, socially, economically, racially, etc), whether the person is a Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim, Pagan, etc.

Peace seems to be the key word here. I'm fed up of hearing of innocent peoples lives taken away from extremists and maniacs trying to use religeon as an excuse for their evil behavior. Terrorists are not true representatives of any religeon, in any country, whatever their misguided and twisted interpretation of his or her religeon.

No religeon on this planet would ever condone terrorist acts on the innocent in the name of their cause. Alternatively, it makes me extremely sad to to see certain countries/governments acting in the way they do. They fuel hatred from their actions, bombing and murdering the innocent and all in the name of greed (oil). As an informed, semi-intelligent human being I can understand this hatred towards them however fire does not fight fire.

It has also made me aware that suicide bombs have been active for many years in the middle-east yet are less publicised in the UK media, almost secondary to the current 'celebrity' culture.

All religeons have one major thing in common, peace! If only religeons weren't so divided, the ability to embrace integratation and promote the P word (and i don't mean politics)! We may just might be able to save those who are 'lost' and 'disinformed' and one never knows, through LOVE, RESPECT and PEACE we can make a better world!