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Dayton, Ohio
Here's a bit about me, a bit about my reasons for being here, and a first topic.

A bit about me
I'm a recovering Christian fundamentalist. I love to learn and grow personally.

My first crisis of faith was discovering, at age 24, that Moses did not write the Pentatuch. My next one, at age 50, was discovering that God didn't hate me for being gay.

Why I'm here
I've gone through a period of doubt (which is a basic component of growing in faith, I believe) for the past two years, and am "back." I believe in God, but am unwilling to say that Christianity is the only true faith.

I hope to participate in many thought-provoking conversations, do a lot of thinking, and a lot of learning.

My first topic
I found this in the About the Introductions Board! thread:

There is spirituality in the appreciation of voluptuous forms. (12-24-2003, 06:06 PM, by Susma Rio Sep)

I've heard this, and even considered it a little. But I have trouble seeing how, even though it "feels" like it's true to me, it's anything other than a slippery slope. Sex is so fleshly (no pun intended). Can one see the spirituality in sexualness without being subsumed by the carnalness of it?

I'll grant you that the appreciation of voluptuous forms is nowhere near sexual gratification. But my point is that it leads there, and pretty quickly, I think. For most, anyway.

Challenge me. Enlighten me. What do you think?

Oh, and btw, I'm really, really glad to have found C-R.com!