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hello everyone

i've decided i need to cut it down a bit. wonderful site, wonderful people, but very time consuming and very addictive. i have made some nice friends here and found a lot of well as plenty of food for thought, but seeing as the whole point is to sort out my head concerning religion it would help if i actually left time for reading my bible, quran etc.:D

thanks to everyone here for all the help. special thanks to path, quahom, jjm, bandit, friend and bananabrain....and of course brian for making it all possible.
(don't forget my suggestion told me to remind you)

i will still be around from time to time...this place sort of feels like home....difficult to stay away for too long....but i really need to get on with some reading also.

keep up the good work everybody.

take care all and God bless

see you all soon:) email is if anyone wants to get in touch:)
I don't mean to encourage your addiction, and I know what you mean about getting some reading done ;) , but wanted you to know that I have enjoyed your posts and your great questions on the boards and hope you come back from time to time. And just when I had found my long lost twin! :p

i hear ya Daya:)

that is why i call CR, crazy religion. it makes me crazy. i have enjoyed your comapny a lot. i do find you sincere with a very honest heart & this is what I think the Lord really wants in us.

i think too much religion talk at once can become confusing & actually not so healthy. so i am with you. i need to cut down a bit also.
i do hope to see ya around from time to time & i will get my interpretation on the verse we talked about up to you soon. I think you did just fine on that.:)

be good & be good to yourself
95 posts is too low - your addition is not serious until you have over 500. ;)

(don't forget my suggestion told me to remind you)
Oops - I've already forgotten. What is it to be reminded about??

Dayaa - Know what you mean about cutting down. Hope to see you poking your head in every now and then.
thank you all for your kind, understanding and welcoming messages. i will certainly be back....just not quite so often.

brian....don't worry about the 500 posts...i'll get there....just i'll do it slowly.
give me a chance to sort my head out....and then i'll be after your job!:D

the suggestion i was supposed to remind you about was a charity donations section for those who have enjoyed the site to make a voluntary contribution (for war-torn kiddies)

thanks again all:)

see you soon