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i like the new looks of the sight & all the additions, colors, the little note & thumb tack, new links & the new look on the smilies a lot.:eek:

Brian, i know of a couple of neat emoticons i like a lot. can i bring them here and maybe you could add one or two of them over time?
we have one for confused, but nothing for 'I dont know' & boring & sleepy & put up your dukes, & you know...

not too many because i know that can clutter the board.
maybe someone else would have a cool one to add on later.
Interesting that you brought this up, Bandit--I have been wondering if anyone else has been thinking that the "grin" emoticon is rather scary??? I mean, like compared to the Yahoo grin? LOL--I am on a foreign computer, and the monitor is going out, and all the colors are out of whack, anyway--but the CR "grin" is showing up in black where I am:D --is it that way for real, or is it due to my handicap? Hahaha--it was scary enough before!

InLove<---temporarily discombobulated (sp?)
The change in emoticons and graphics is actually a complete accident - I upgraded the forum software earlier, but accidentally used the default forum graphics, rather than the older ones I would normally use.

Adding new smilies is certainly an option - there's a big upgrade in the forum software coming soon from the developers, and I'm trying to leave most changes until after that's released, and then start modifying and updating accordingly.

Hope that helps. :)
Well, the big grins emoticon is a bit scary (it's lime green on my screen, InLove). The rest of them are OK by me.

Hi, and Peace to All Here--

I like them--the grin is even scarier than ever, but I suppose I will deal with it--could be fun.....

In Peace,
InLove:eek: (no reason for that one--I just like it--reminds me of the old beach movies--coconut masks and all that.) Hmmm...does it say "eek", though? Maybe. I am nothing if not fairly open-minded:D <---shudder.

LOL--I fixed my monitor (well, it was clear for a while, but now it is pink again). Anyway, the emoticons look much better than I thought. I really like them. And, I know I said this on another thread, but I just realized that the "grin" (which is not nearly as scary as I thought) is technically the "talking" emoticon. But it looks like a grin to me...:D

ok then, here are some i like. they are small ones (same size you already have) so it should not be too much clutter.

i guess we could just take em from here too, but that would be a pain.

take one, take some, or take none.


Definitely a few interesting ideas - I'm sure I had a few somewhere as well...
I have a few, too, if we are not in danger of cookies or adds or other net "gifts".


And a special one, which reminds me somebody:
i like this one ATF
. reminds me of what happens with too much religion & politics. LOL

i like this one too Alexa
. bow to the purple cow. :D
Awaiting_the_fifth said:
Bandit, I think Ive just figured out what your avatar is, is it a smilie bus driver? I always thought it was a guy with some sort of fart machine.

LOL no fart machine but i could sure use one from time to time in traffic to keep people off my bumper. i always wanted one of those kits that lights fire from the exhaust.

he is race car driver. if you ever see a more classy one like a stingray or lamborghini let me know.
alexa said:
What color ?

cherry red or black. maybe dark blue, but small in size. in form of a GIF would be cool too. i will settle for orange also.
I'll give you a link for car emoticons. Have fun with them. :)