Hi im new here I currently am thinking about becomeing a christian, I was baptised as a protestant and recently began attending church with my aunt. I go to a catholic parochial school and have my own ideas on a lot of things and a lot of questions lol yes I will be big on asking questions. I have been dabateing my beliefs on a site called which is a very intresting site with some intelligent people with good ideas on it maybe some of you might like to check it out. I have also been learning a lot from an astral projection website that my girlfriend found she is very into that type of thing, me not so much but the people are good and have some intresting perspectives on many things the site is if any of you feel like checking it out. I am known as darksparks on both of them as well so I look forward to meeting and talking and shareing ideas with some of you very soon.
welcome darksparks:)

i had a look at that one & they had a nice battleground forum where they really were into it. nice.
see ya around!