War of the Worlds


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War of the Worlds
By Bobby Neal Winters
Obedience is not one of those words we are fond of. I suppose that the obedience of the Nazi soldiers during WWII who were “just following orders” poisoned the word for us. It often comes out of the mouth attached to an adjective like “blind” which deprecates it even further. We loathe the concept, so God forbid we actually teach our children to be obedient.
Yet if one of our children is standing in front of a truck that is barreling toward them, and we yell “MOVE!” it is not the time for a discussion. The same holds if alien space ships are coming with death rays.

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okieinexile said:
However, obedience requires a context of trust, and Cruise’s character had not built that context of trust with his children.

So true.

I did enjoy this movie, but there are points at which it would be too intense. One critic described the expanded to feature length.” I would agree. For those of you who are up to it, it is quite rewarding.
(Bobby Winters is a professor of mathematics, writer, and speaker. You may contact him at bobby@okieinexile.com or visit his website at www.okieinexile.com.)

Is there something missing here?

Good post, okie - I'll maybe have to get aorund to watching it sometime. :)

"The first 10 minutes of Saving Private Ryan expanded to feature lenght."

Thank Goodness I caught that before I sent it off.

It is one that I would recommend seeing on a big screen with a good sound system.
okieinexile said:

It is one that I would recommend seeing on a big screen with a good sound system.

I have got to see this one, it has 4 very good points before I set into the cinema

1. Its one of my favourite stories (I could watch the original War of the Worlds repeatedly)
2. Spielburg directed it
3. Excellent soundtrack
4. Tom Cruise.