yagog and Magog in Quran.


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I found this info on one site i want someone to explain me about it..
here is the link http://islam.speed-light.info/life_other_planets.htm
Allah gave a method of transportation to his angels throughout the universe. The Quran calls them ‘Maarej’ (Quran 70.3) and describes how angels use them for long distance travel. Today Moslems know that these ‘Maarej’ is what scientists call wormholes.

Moslems also believe that wormholes are not strictly for the use of angels. Their prophet used a wormhole once in the ‘Israa & Meraaj’ (Meraaj is singular of Maarej) (Quran 17.1). In another incident the Quran describes a clan of ‘Yagog and Magog’ using a Meraaj (wormhole):

This clan (who didn’t understand human speech) were wreaking havoc on Earth. They came from BEYOND the two dams that a human called ‘Thu Al-Karnein’ built. He built two iron dams; one at each end of a Meraaj. The ends of this Meraaj look like two shells (exactly like modern science describes the doorways of a wormhole):

Thu Al-Karnein brought iron blocks and split them equally between the two ends of this Meraaj. He melted the iron into two dams, one dam at each end. Once this Meraaj became inaccessible to that clan they could no longer wreak havoc on Earth. One day this dam will break and Yagog and Magog will wreak havoc on Earth again.

(Quran 18.92-99) Then he (Thu Al-Karnein) followed a direction 93 When he reached between the two dams (inside the Meraaj) he found BEYOND them (ma dunihima in Arabic) a clan that cannot understand speech. 94 (The local humans) Said: 'O Thu Al-Karnein! Yagog and Magog are spoiling Earth. Shall we pay you tribute and in return you build between us and them a barrier?' 95 (Thu Al-Karnein) said 'What my Lord endowed me with is better (than your tribute), so supply me with manpower to build between you and them a sediment. 96 Bring me blocks of iron'. When he (Thu Al-Karnein) split the iron equally between the two shells (the two doorways of the Meraaj). He said: 'Blow (on the fire)' until it became ablaze. He said: 'Bring me (the molten iron) to pour it'. 97 So (Yagog and Magog) could no longer access (the shell on their side) nor pierce through (their iron dam). 98 (Thu Al-Karnein) said 'This is a mercy from my Lord: but when the promise of my Lord is due, He will make it into waste; and the promise of my Lord is true.' 99 On that day (when that dam becomes waste) We [Allah] shall leave them (Humans and clan of Yagog & Magog) to flow like waves one into the other; (Then) the trumpet will be blown, and We will gather them together.

The clan of Yagog and Magog are trapped beyond the two dams (ma dunihima) and not between them (ma baynihima). So if they are 'beyond them' how then could they be trapped?

They can only be trapped if the second dam is not on Earth. The second end of this Meraaj can be on Earth, but it can also be anywhere else in the universe. In this particular case it has to be on another planet. So Yagog and Magog are trapped beyond the two dams but not on Earth; they are trapped on another planet. Someday these dams will break and Yagog and Magog will invade Earth from that planet.

I read in Quran(Yusuf ALi translation )nd no where it mention about the wormhole and meeraj...i also refered Tafsir by Ibn Khatir ..there it says that these yajuj and majuj are the progeny of Adam...then in last ayath it say these creatures..Can someone explain me iam totallly confused is this site biased.