Almost a Christian again


Where is my mind?
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Middlesbrough, UK
Just got back from a wedding.

The service was yesterday morning and the festivities lasted all afternoon and all night.

Now it may have been the emotion of the moment, but listening to the (anglican) service I got a tiny glimpse of how nice it must be to be a Christian. The priest, Steve, was talking about how everything in life was all part of Gods great design and everything we do we do in Him. I got really caught up in it and for a little while, just a few seconds I actually forgot that I dont believe it. It felt kind of nice.

It hasn't altered my perspectives at all, Im still 100% mahayana buddhist but now I know where all you monotheists are coming from.

Just felt a need to share.

Awaiting The Fifth.

Note to Brian.

I wanted to put a smilie on here but counldnt find one that was right, we need "Serene" and "meditative equipoise". Cheers.
Hey, ATF--

What a great post! And guess what I did all day yesterday (when I was not outdoors enjoying this place before I have to go back to the city)? I listened to "New Age" music all afternoon and evening! I don't know exactly why it is called that--to me, it is just beautiful music. Got a list--gonna buy some CD's when I get a chance. Just thought after your experience, you might enjoy hearing about mine.

In Peace,