Religious Dreams?


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Often people see dreams realted to God, or religion, it'd be interesting to share them. Some of which I can remember are:

1- I saw a dream in which I was praying (Islamic way) in a mosque. And it was really amazing, as soon as I woke up after the dream I could hear Azan(call for the prayers). It was the early morning prayer, around 4.40a.m, and I did go for my prayers then.:)

2- I could see a mosque where Quran were kept on the grounds and not shown the proper respect, I could remember that I was pikcing them up and kissing them and keeping them at respectable places.

3- This was something that scared me, in my dream I could fear something, it was nature I could say. and i was asking for forgiveness. Soon after I woke up.

Let me remind, these are the dreams I saw when I had turned very religious.