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Re: About the Introductions board!

I'm super new here...never done this before (as far a message forums go)...and especially as far as "researching" religions go. I belong to no "religion", but I do have faith...sometimes.

I'm not neccisarily here for guidance...just information...pearls of wisdom, so to speak. what do different religions have to offer? Where do i begin my search?

I was raised in Sidda Yoga...was Wiccan for a while (5-6 years or so)...went to an Episcopal school for three completely lost, pretty much. I want to believe...I yearn for belief...I ache for it, I guess you could say...I just don't know where my belief lies...

Re: About the Introductions board!

Hi crisis_of_faith, and welcome to CR. :)

Gosh - that is a movement of belief. :)

Perhaps you don't need anybody else's Faith and this has been a problem for you - simply accepting your own opinions and approaches to life as valid in their own right?

Hopefully that doesn't sound too psychoanalytical. :)

Anyway, I'll move your post to a new thread of its own. :)
Welcome to CR, crisis of faith. Looking forward to reading your posts and hearing more about your eclectic path.

Welcome to CR, crisis of faith. thats quite a ride you've been through.

Welcome, Crisis Of Faith.

I have to say, I think that's a poor choice of alias. I see a crisis of faith as a moment where faith is lost, what you seem to be expieriencing is more like an open field for faith to grow.

And if I can offer a single piece of advice in your search for true religion it will be this:

Buddhists get invited to all the best parties!:rolleyes:
hi Crisis & welcome aboard.:)

currently, there are only 2,177 beliefs here at CR. we still have 6 billion more beliefs to go. i hope that helps.