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Freedom of Opinion

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Knoxville, Tennessee, USA
Hey Everybody!
I've been reading this site and the forums for a while now, and decided I should join in, so here I am! Bear with me now.....
I'm 20, female, and live in Idaho, USA. I'm an atheist, but love learning about other peoples beliefs. I find them fasinating. I'm really big on acceptance, mainly that different isn't wrong, probably because there isn't much of that around my town, lol.
I am Idaho's biggest Elvis Presley Fan! I love meeting new people and traveling, making pottery, or just hangin with my dog.
It's good to meet y'all and I hope to see you on the boards!:cool:
Hi Freedom,

I think you're gonna fit in nicely here, welcome to the show.

Look foreward to hearing you express that freedom of opinion.

Awaiting The Fifth
Hello Freedom of Opinion (should we call you foo? :) ) . Wecome to CR! Looking forward to reading your contributions.

Welcome to CR, Freedom of Opinion--great screen name. (Kind of cool abbreviated, too:D) Already been reading some of your posts, and I look forward to seeing you on the boards.

Hi Freedom of Opinion and welcome to C-R.
:) :p :) :p :rolleyes: :cool: :rolleyes: :cool:
Ok, so i was feeling creative and all:D Brian, there are 11 smilies... there is space for one more. I suggest one that is like a welcoming/waving smilie for new-comers. It wont wave but a tiny hand showing the palm maybe.. that might do the trick. Just a thought.
Like this one ?

Hi Freedom of Opinion.

Atheist and big on acceptance ?
Hi everyone! Thanks for the welcome!
Yup Alexa, Atheist and big on acceptance.
Accepting someone elses view as their own and therefore their choice as "right". Doesn't mean they're my views. Doesn't make either of us wrong.
Again, thanks for the welcome guys!