Remainder Tires


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Remainder Tires

By Bobby Neal Winters

I got a call the other day from my old friend Bubba back home.
He was really wound up and excited, and he talked about 20 minutes before I could get a word in edgewise. To summarize that 20 minutes, let me say that he had come into an inheritance a number of years ago. His old uncle, Vencil, had passed-away at the ripe old age of 93 and left him few acres as an inheritance. For those of you who know the area, it’s just the other side of Wapanuka. If you don’t know the area, it’s still there, but my description didn’t help you any.
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i am going to guess .
77 tires?

if i did this right... you have 15 cars & they all had 5 tires that gives you 75 tires.
with two extra from the junk pile.

you can stack 15 stacks of 5 with two left over.
you can stack 19 stacks of 4 with one left over.

i want to know what happened to the rims?
BTW, I would be in heaven if someone left me property with 15 old cars on it especially if they still had the motors.:)
It turns out those spares were still in the car trunks. You are also missing one other small piece of information.
ok then, i will try 57 tires, since the spares are in the trunk.

Hmmm...I am beginning to think that there were no tires to begin with:), but that probably isn't right.

11 stacks of 5 +1 stack of 2 would be 57, like Bandit says, but then when the tires are moved into stacks of 4, there would have to be 14 stacks, with one left over. So where did that tire go?

Okay, I think there were no tires to begin with.


Oh, wait--that would be the tire that Bubba brought that messed up the pattern--hmmmm...okay....hmmmm....
okieinexile said:
Hint: What does Bubba having Chester and Billy Bob help him tell you?

it tells me they are up to no good & were stealing tires? &/or they burned up all or some of the tires? and or, there never were any tires &/or they want a false insurance claim. i am seeing many possible answers to this Oakie:) but for now,

i give up.:confused:
Wait, wait--Bandit--don't give yet! If there were three guys who made 19 trips together, each picking up a tire every time, then there would not be a tire left over for Bubba to get when he locked the barn door. I think that is right, anyway, but what does it mean???
LOL, Okie--got that in front of me already! Just tell me one thing--is this really a math riddle, or is there something about the burning of tires I do not know that would reveal the answer? (There are no dumb questions except the ones we do not ask--okay, I know that isn't always true, but I like to say it when I may be incriminating myself:) .

Okay, I think there were more than three tires missing in the first place? Am I on the right track? It's late, and I have a meeting in the morning, so I can't stay right now to follow through on this idea, but maybe someone else can in the meantime.
But, wait--17 works with 3 stacks of 5 (remainder 2), or 4 stacks of 4 (remainder 1), which takes care of everything except three men each picking up one tire to take to the truck, but one still remaining to mess up the stacks of 4, because there would then be two tires left instead of one---I thought I had it there for a minute! G'nite, all--going to sleep, and when I am groggy in the meeting later today, I will think of Bobby:) .

I should have asked for a drumroll! That was fun--I have never been really swift with math, so I feel pretty good. Umm...didn't you mention something about a cash prize for the correct answer?:D
I will be giving a book to the first right answer from readers of my column in the paper, but here it is just for pure enjoyment.
Then it accomplished its goal--enjoy it I did! Hmmm....looking up your column, finding stamps....

Just kidding:).