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Howdy, I just found this topic:eek: ; sometimes I forget their is a scroll button. I'm curious Mike. I have alot of curiosities(thus the name). I love to talk about religion, philoshophy(to an extent), Gods, atheist, agnostics, politics, and other people views. I dont like to beinsulted, nor my believs insulted. I thought I got one the other day so I came back with something truthful, but A lil corny Was ecpecting the worse the next day, but they where cool about it. I like this forum, so fare everyone has been polite, unlike the last forum which was full of atheist and agnostic who r as much dogmatic about their beliefs as most religious folx.

Anyways more about me. I'm a Christian by new birth. I believe in the Bible. I believe its alive through the Spirit of God. In other words it speaks to me his Love, and laws new everyday. I've been reading some of the apocrypha, which is how I found this forum. I've found some interesting stuff in their.

Anyways I'm married with 3 kids all boys.
Hi Curios Mike, and Peace to You:)

Here's a formal welcome (even though we have already spoken.)

Three boys, huh? Bet you stay pretty busy!

The forum is well-moderated. Personal attacks are not permitted, but every now and then things go awry. I hope you have a fruitful experience here. I know CR helps me to learn to respectfully and diplomatically communicate with others, even those whose beliefs may be (or appear to be) diametrically opposed to my own. And sometimes it is a good place to learn how to keep cool in the heat;) .

(This from Texas, where we are having a cool front--not supposed to get above the lower '90's this week:D)

Thanx guys.... WOW 90 huh. LOL We are hitting close to 100. But its actually been kinda a cool year for us. We are usually in the high 90's and low 100's. But this year its pretty much stayed high 80's to mid 90's. Very wet also. We got flooded by the last huricane, even worse then I think it was charlie last year that flooded my yard. LOL and the funny part about it is I live about a mile from a mountian and about 50 miles from the smokeys.