Help! Looking for Fox Mythology!




This is a long shot but I'll ask anyway. I'm in dire need of information, accurate information might I add! I need anything and everything about fox mythology. I'm mainly looking for the japanese fox elements. Anything on Inari and Inari's messangers would be a help, and on the Inari shrines.

All I have of the elements so far is darkness, light, & air.

I'd appreciate it if I could get the fox's name from each language as well.

Fox names I have so far are: Chinese, Japanese, & Korean.

If anyone knows of Fox lore songs besides The Fox Lady, I'd be very pleased to get the artist and song name.

Anyone out there have a pet Fennec?

Now that question was just for sheer fun. =^.^=

All and any help will be thanked tremendously!!!

And I'm sorry if my spelling sucks. I'm kinda in a hurry here.

If anyone does have information, please e-mail me at :D :) :D :)