My Intro



Just a quick "hello" and maybe a bit about me.
Mid-thirties, business professional, from the NY/NJ USA area.

A little about where I am from a religious standpoint (for those interested):
After following and/or studying several different religions, I've personally come to two "truths" that I'm comfortable with...

1- There is a single "source" of everything. I'm not saying there may not be many gods, spirits, etc. But after a lot of study, thought, etc. I'm personally comfortable that at the very center of "everything" there is(or was) a single point.
2- The natural way of things (ie nature) shouldn't be overlooked as the true "spiritual" way of things.

Look forward to learning from and interacting with you all.
Greetings, and Peace:) A belated welcome to you, bobd! (I try to keep up, but I miss one every now and then.)

Look forward to seeing you on the boards.