Is the investigation of the London Bombing Legitimate?


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Recently the second phase of the investigation of the London bombing started. But during the first phase there are a lot of assumptions made about the suspects.

The evedence collected is based on the camera images. Did it actually happened the way they say it did or are they stressing on the fact just because they are Muslims?

When the police killed the wrong person just a 'sorry' cleared thing off? If the same had happened in a 3rd world country or a muslim nation the same persons would have talked about human right and all that stuff and create a big issue over it.

I feel that the British and the Americans (not all) are to be blamed for the terrorists issue in the world. They want to keep the other countries under them and when such country doesn't agree with them they become a terrorist breeding ground (according to the Brits and the americans)..

I think the mentality of these persons should change and till then justice wont be served to all the innocent people who were/are falsly accused and murdered.
AnnPra said:
I feel that the British and the Americans (not all) are to be blamed for the terrorists issue in the world.'s perhaps more reasonable to blame every group for the acts they are immediately responsible for?
Seems like Terrorists succeded in their objectives, that is they have successfully created a panic situation, a paranoia and the ability to think rationally.

Other wise how would you explain the paranoid killing of an innocent brazilian man,
who eye wittness say , ran only because when he saw 5 unidentified men with Guns in their hand chassing him, and later when he tripped over , two of the three which were close to him overpowered him , pinned him down and the third slugged him 5 or 7 times.... No quesitons asked......
the standard procedure as far I think is to overpower and comprehend the person, Had they captured him alive, which they were in the position to do so, [ remember two of them pinned him down according to eye wittness reports ] , and had he been a real terrorist it would have been a prize catch , a live terrorist, Other wise like later proved he was innocent and wrongly killed .

...the worst part is , Chief of police says these sort of killing could be repeated, no remorse , no guilt ... So the next time , any one with a Asian looking face and wearing somewhat heavy clothes runs for any reason, chances are he will be immediatley shot dead, no questions asked.

This is the Kind of Paranoia terrorists wanted to create and they have succeded.
I always thought British are more pragmentic and cool headed people, and when Mr Blair said we will try identify the root cause , and then will act accordingly I heaved a sigh of relief , so as now we are getting somewhere.... But such incidence shows
either they are hiding something REALLY sinister ,or have simply lost their sense of balance in dealing with Crisis situations.
It certainly is a tradgedy that this man was shot dead. I feel very sorry for him and his family.


He was under surveilance already, so he can't have been whiter than white. He was ordered to stop by the police and instead he ran away. If you run from the police right after a major terrorist attack, what else can you expect? They had to shoot to kill because if he was a suicide bomber, as they suspected, he would have killed them all and many others as well.

If the roles had been reversed and he was a suicide bomber and the policed did not shoot him, everyone would have condemned the police for their lack of action.

I have often said on CR that I do not believe killing can ever be a good thing, unfortunately in this case I do not see what else could have been done.
..The point is ...

The Man was Pinned down....and Under Control...

Like the Eye Witness account say.... ....He Tripped...two policemen overpowered Him,
He was flat on the ground...means he could have been captured....

If you have a person in an inmoveable position, then you can certainly Catch Him.
two policemen were ON HIM ,they pinned him down.
and the third then aimed and shot him 7 times , One of his shot even missed the target and it shot his shoulder instead.

...Apparently he was subdued, down, and effectively immobilized and yet shot...

But as I have said earlier, .....the paranoid mentality these terrorist managed to instill in a relatively rational and cool british civility .....speaks a lot ....
If you read about the SAS storming of the Iranian embassy in London, to end the siege there, once a potential terrorist was pointed out by the hostages, he would be pinned down and filled with bullets.

So far as I can tell, the policy being that if someone is believed to be armed in some way and an immediate threat to the life of civilians nearby, then the only option is "shoot to kill" to ensure that all danger of that threat is entirely removed.

The Brazilian man's death was indeed a tragedy, but had it been an attempted suicide bomber trying to detonate a device on a train, then the police involved would have been hailed as quick-thinking heroes.

The problem is that somewhere along the way, people have to take those life-or-death decisions, and there will never always be right decisions made.
What about how the investigation is proceeding??? If they can make such a mistake how far can they be trusted on a proper and accurate investigation?
If you read about the SAS storming of the Iranian embassy in London, to end the siege there, once a potential terrorist was pointed out by the hostages, he would be pinned down and filled with bullets.

Did any pointed out that he is a Potential Terrorist...??? or they just guessed....!!

Wouldn't you Run.. if 5 unidentified men , with Guns in their hands run after you.....!!
I must be out of my Mind....

But to me it seems , the terrorists have achieved their target , with minimal " Colateral Damage ".

They have successfully Instilled a fear, a paronoia, where every One is a suspect,
and people are now looking over their shoulders, whispering each other, and fearfully looking at every One as a terrorist, especailly the One with Brown skins.
They successfully Managed to create the same paranoia in USA after 9/11 , and like a raging Mad Bull , Americans charged where ever they thought is the Hit.

And from the reactions of our Americans and British friends, are willing to go that extra Mile , to Justify any Killing in the Name of finding Terrorists, so the REAL terrorists have achieved what they wanted , they have successfully Installed a terrorist in each of the Paranoid Individual of these two countries.

and the Blind fear is so great, that they fail to see what kind of terrorism their governments are doing , the whole world over, especailly Afghanishtan and Iraq, where according to some estimates over 100,000 people have been Killed , in the Name of
" Collatereal Damage "..
Excuse me for my Bluntness, But then it seems " Terrorists " are more efficient in achieveing their targets, they have the so called " Collateral damage " of a minimum
Number ( say about less then 5,000) , with Maximum effect .

For me personally its all Madness, and a Life no matter whosever, be that the small child innocently playing in the Backyard of His home in Afghanistan,Bombed and killed because somewhere some one suspected a possible " terrorist " in his home , or the Child who died because of Sanctions on his country for No fault of His own, where as the One who imposed sactions Made Billions out of that Sacntions ,and then His country Invaded on all the false pretexts, WMD, Evil Dictator, Liberty, Democracy, is more Important then the stupid Blind reaction , the so called , most logical and cool people on the earth Showed.

By the Way who Invited USA to the Iraq,..?? Did the Iraqi people asked them to come and dispose away their " Dictator "...??
or Did the Afghan War Lords asked them to Come and Get Rid of that Bussiness Partner Of Mr Bush , when the Job is Done.

Some time I feel , this whole world , Is Just One unending Injustice , and the God if there is One, is having an Enjoyable Movie with all the gory detailed Killing .......... or Action.
Just an update....

"MADRID, Spain (CNN) -- Muslim clerics in Spain have issued what they called the world's first fatwa, or Islamic edict, against Osama bin Laden as the country marked the first anniversary of the Madrid train bombings that killed 191 people.
They accused him of abandoning his religion and urged others of their faith to denounce the al Qaeda leader, who is believed to be hiding out near the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.

The ruling was issued by the Islamic Commission of Spain, the main body representing the country's 1 million-member Muslim community. The commission invited imams to condemn terrorism at Friday prayers.

The fatwa said that according to the Koran "the terrorist acts of Osama bin Laden and his organization al Qaeda ... are totally banned and must be roundly condemned as part of Islam."

CNN Reports
It is obvious that no religious leader asked his followers to kill.. Isn't that the first thing they said not to do.. the problem is their followers try to interpret the facts wrong and they don't apply them according to the present world.

Anyway, why is it that when a so called terror attack is placed at a industrialized country they tell that the terrorists must be punished and if its in a 3rd world or developing country they want those govenments to have peace talks?

Doesn't this mean that they already have a mentality that they are always right? with such a mentality I don't think they'll be just in the investigation of the bombings...