Egyptian Temple Meditation

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    Egyptian Temple Meditation
    --Channelled on Saturday, 30 August, by Wade MacMorrighan

    [This is still just a rough draft, and I'll end up re-writing it a
    bit, to gie it a better sense of flow and wording... It can be
    performed by a solitary, or a group.]:

    Count down into Alpha... You are standing in a Temple. You are a
    gold pillar, luminous, carved with hieroglyphics and sacred namnes.
    Yet, as you look around in the illuminating torch light you become
    aware of other pillars, which come into view. They are your
    ancestorsy, your loved ones, even your beloved pets (whom you may
    have lost), and everyone whom you have ever known in your previous
    lives. You suddenly find that you are surrounded in evert direction
    by innumberable pillars, "shining of gold," as Sappho once wrote of
    Hekate, as they support the weight of the walls and the ceiling, like
    countless stars in the night, holding up the heavens. Feel how
    supported and blessed you are!

    Now a gentle whisp of sand, riding on a breeze, travels down the
    fathomless halls...echoing, ancient, and eternal. It gently
    increases in ferocity. For it is the Sands of Time taking with it
    the walls of this magnificent hall, whilst the ceiling crumbles to

    Now you find yourselves outdoors, firmly rooted to the Earth.
    Slightly worn, wisened with age. However, just as steadfast and
    strong, as you have always been, and you will always be. Though you
    may get physically worn, your spirit is eternal, strong, and "shining
    of gold!"

    Overhead the sky is gently filling with clouds, spurred on by the
    wings of Isis. Soon afterwards they breakforth and bless the grounds
    with Holy Water as Her people rejoice. Her silver tears grace each
    of you- however they are tears of love, rather than sorrow- anointing
    you. Feel your renewal, your rsolve, your peace & purity, as She
    does so. Even place a pillar in token of one whom you wish to
    recieve Her blessings. As the rain continues to fall feel it wash
    away any darkness or baggage you may be carrying with you. Even take
    the time to forgive anyone whom may have hurt you- however, there may
    be someone whom you can't forgive (and that's alright), ask Her to
    forgive them.

    Now that you have been releasing any sorrow you may have been
    carrying with you, revived yourself, and been blessed I want you to
    count yourself back up into waking consciousness on the count
    of "three": One...two...three!

    May the Lord & Lady bless you-
    I do!
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    Sounds interesting - and there is some powerful imagery in there.

    Certainly makes a change to the old mantra of "everyday in every way I am getting stronger and healthier" (or words to that effect).
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    Thanks a heap! :D

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