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Merry Meet!

I guess I should do this introduction thingee, just so I don't seem anti-social. lol. I am a solitary Wiccan... a momma... and an agent and writer.

My turn ons include.... HA! joking.

I found this place today while researching for my Wiccan Column and was very pleased to find it! I have been looking for something like this and I look forward to getting to know all of you.

Thanks for having me.
Hola, and Merry Meet, WicceDiva:)

Glad you introduced yourself--welcome to CR! I read your first posts here, and I have a feeling that you will enjoy the forum. There are several solitary Wiccans in my extended family, and I am so interested in your views.

See ya around the boards--

Welcome to C-R. Enjoy your stay. Never heard "Merry Meet!" as a greeting. InLove, this sounds like something for that thread on greetings you were into alot.
Hi, Peace--

Cool, Major Thipps;)! You remembered that thread? :cool: I really like that one, and I have seen some more possibilities around here lately--just got to go "solicit" some more input:).

Yes, I do think that we have "Merry Meet" on there--someone had been using "MM" (Scarlet, I think?) and so I had inquired, even though I had heard it before, it jogged my memory.

What I do not have is the rest--"Merry Part" and "Merry Meet Again".

WicceDiva, I should have found that thread and posted the link here, but if I go looking for it now, I am likely to lose this post (as you can see, I have worked really hard on it:D).

Anyway, I think the name of it is "How We Greet One Another" and I think I posted it in Comparative Studies, if you would like to contribute--I'd like to see the thread revisited. Maybe there are other new members who would like to read through it and then contribute. I have one in mind, in particular, but I will never be able to spell that Polynesian name without copying and pasting (hint, hint, if you are reading this, my friend:).)

Nothing like taking the opportunity to push one's own thread:D.