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    Jul 15, 2003
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    I appreciate that it may look like I'm not getting involved much on the forum at the moment - but the truth is I'm working on lots of the behind the scenes stuff.

    A major issue at the moment is that I'm preparing to re-structure the forum.

    This means that I'm also building a series of topics to help fill up some of these new boards, to help give them the push that they require.

    I am also going to modify the template to prevent some reported browser issues.

    I may also lighten up the colours - I'm going to experiment with those later.

    Anyway, I've initially scheduled myself to look to apply all changes for around September 15th 2003 - a week tomorrow from the date of this posting.

    I may have to close the forum for an hour during that time, to move threads into newer areas.

    Just to let you all know.


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