We are next to The end of the times?



John XXIII was supposed to said a prophecies in the year 1935.Its refer to the period between 1935 and 2033.In 1968 was published in Italy "Le propezie di Papa Giovanni", by Pier Carpi, who claims that an ancient man gave him a fifth part of the total text of prophecies which John XXIII was supposed to said.
There aren´t key words or play with the words.It seems very clear.
The events that are written between 1968 and this year aren´t wrong.

Let´s go with some prophecies;

Pius XII:
Between the clouds, saddest, the elect dove, the twelfth devout one from the metal profile will raise itself. Single peace in the war, single prayer between the grida. Seven times will meet the visitor and of it it will see the ace before the dead women. And seven times of it will carry the rose-colored crown.To fight and to attend,the usurpator(Hitler) will crucified alone in his false cross. Only then it will be peace.
Unjust accusations will hear the vicario, for its dignity its courage ,its precaution who save the world. But the world wanted meat flowers, flowers from beauty colors, did not watch the flowers of field, silent and pure flowers. Neither never it will watch them, in their splendor, until the end of the times.

(After its publication)John Paul I, John Paul II:

Today is the dead of the saint. It will not know altars,
because Saint between it knows in humility acts,
in Hush it prays.
Or Assisi beloved, than of it you have seen the past, and
Emilia that you have rocked it and you Israel that you have to it
data shelter.
Seven rosaries and stanotte. The convent will be destroyed
and scoperchiate red flowers on the tombe.
Of he the world will remember always.
And blood in the prisons for who
it believes.
Mother because you are in Hush?

The Mother forgets its Latin heart, its
heart comes now from the East.
Then they will be the unexpected Father, son of the fields and waters.
I do not see it. I fear for he. For its time. For the Mother. It will walk between people uniforms, decided to put and to tear the tunica to the Redentore. He will shout a lot in its heart, will speak sweet. They will believe. Hard it will be the fight. And in the papers of the dead Father it will find the design in order to gather together the shepherds and to speak to the flock. .It will mistake, but it will be a good.
It will want to know the world and to introduce it with its eyes to the simple ones. Its letters will remain.
He will died far from the shepherds before recalling them. Its papers will be hidden. Its papers will be stolen. Of he little it will be said. But the day in which the Father who will come after it from fogs will be hit, also its voice will be heard from the tomba.The Father will see redden his white tunica. The dead Father will open seventh seals. For he I ask forgiveness.

Benedict XVI:

Benedict, Benedict, Benedict. Shall be the Young to applaud you,
to new Father (Pope) of to smiling ' s mother. The Saints ' s children of Milan. Sixteen shall be counted. They keep your hands up.
Virgin Mary is close to you. The Virgin Mary that was sacrificed.
In her words you will find the way, Benedict, Benedict, Benedict.
You will be the father of everyone.
It shall be to very difficult journey, walking in the Rome' s streets in those days of blood. Thin away the mist and their sepulchres.
Appointing holy names to the holy things, secular names to the secular ones. In your home you will receive to Saint barefoot.
And you will make the powerful wait, the hands disarmed when the war rocks the world, to pray you.
The Saint will be also praying behalf you in every countryside
and from all the world white flowers will envelop you.
Yours will be the journey of the courage,
the great challenge to the worlds and to the evil prince of it.
To the people whom send soldiers, you will opposed legions.
And never you will retreat your word. And you will remove your shoes, and you will walk together the Saint barefoot.
When of Holiest Mary you will spread the words,
the only wound you have will be healed.
The Mother of the church will be the Mother of the world.
Angel you will be called, Benedict.


And one will only succeed to speak, hardly in time
before to be killed.
It will say the names of the murders,it will reveal their secrets signs.
And the entire world will uprise against the game
of the powerful ones, the secret brotherhood of the powerful ones, that
it was planning the slave of the mankind. The little
honest dirigents will know to join, the guilty will be
overthrowed and judged.They know the face of the Beast.
Two Italie has had to die, in order to clean up the past. And the ashes have not seemed enough large. But the murders have been taken one by one.The Father of the Mother has walked in the blood of the ways of Rome, the first day. Today Rome does not have more this name. It is a memory and its palaces are to the North. Here the ruins, ruins of men and things. Abramo is son and father of Europe and its siblings are here.
Seven heads killed on the seven necks, before the third Italy. The conspiracy, then the wind of the freedom, siblings between the siblings.
Before the last light, the shepherds will have recognized the sign. And the Mother will have many Fathers, all siblings.
But it is already time of knows to you. Everyone will speak the same language. And it will speak it in order to pray the Virgin and the
return of Christ.The Reign of God arrives at the earth, rises its city, also for who it does not have that intention. The first sun light the balance of the created one. You open the heart to the giglio. The voice will be powerful, announced from the bugles.
Light from the West, last light before that eternal one, disowned. The truth will be more, simple than how much all have said, have written. It will be a good judgment.
Father ours, than six in the deli, comes your reign. It is made your will, in sky and earth.

What do you think about it?