Corutpion in religion.


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Just some thoughts, speaking from a Baha'i point of view.

Let's say that God has a divine plan for all humans. I view the relationship between God and Humans as 50 / 50. Humans have equal control over there fate as God has over them. So in this sense we still need to earn our development. For each phase of human history and for each ethnical tribe a prophet is sent and he or she represents the hight of spiritual truth for that time period and tribe. It has always been Gods original plan to unify all people of the world but people must also earn this because what comes with this is a great deal of prosperity and peace. Humans are extra special because we are spiritual beings. For instance "a Bull charges because he has to but a human will leap because he wants to" - Minoans. Now since God has sent a prophet to change the ways of man who represents the philosophical hight of that group of people within a certain time period, after he is gone humans are left to follow his path of guidance. Inevitably people with low passion and misinterpretation can corrupt that religious teaching and this goes for all religions of the world but at the same time people may advance from what was taught and help promote the next phase of human life.
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"Just some thoughts, speaking from a Baha'i point of view."

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From a metaphysical point of view, the Absolute and the Transcendant is Immanently Present in all and every revelation of God, so what God reveals to man, although necessarily couched in a language and manner that can be understood according to time and place, nevertheless opens on or into the Transcendant, the Eternal, beyond all accident and contingency, for those who pursue it with dilligence.

This is why every revelation considers itself as Absolute with regard to every other, and why each is different.

So whilst we might see a 'progression' of revelation, this is only because of the nature of the finite world, and humanity as a whole. For man as such, God is accessible, utterly and entirely, always and everywhere.