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currently i am trying to do my RE coursework with little success. i have spent 6 hours on it and i am stuck on question 1a. i have search the net without success. can someone please answer me these 3 questions.
1. why does Islam encourage extended families?
2. i need important quote(s) from the Qur'an about extended families (if poss)
3. i need important quote(s) from the Hadith about extended families (if poss)

Can anyone help me? and website will do if no one knows the answer off by heart.
I could answe but let me see if i understand extended fammily well , do you mean why does Allah in the Qu'Ran or why does Mohhamed peace be upon him encourge others to have a big family? i mean you know , father getting say 5 children and so on , is that what you mean ?
thanks for your reply.
i will type the question as i have it on the question sheet.
main question: What does Islam teach about the family?
questions to help you answer main questions:
Islam encourages extended families because......
Important quotes from the Qur'an say......
Also sayings from the Hadith say......

I am afraid i cannot give you any more than that as that is all i have to go with.

thanks again