Buddhism and relativity


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Man's sensation of time depends on psychological,intelligent state and internal energy of him.With the improving of psychology,intelligence and internal energy,he feels that time becomes shorter and shorter.When he has high internal energy,he feels that a day in the paradise is equal to a year in man's world.It is human body relativity.
Human body relativity will solve time problem of astronaut in cosmic navigation.
it is well known that Einstein talked about human body relativity.He said :"When a beautiful girl and you sit together two hours,you feel that you sit there only two minutes.When you sit on a fire two minutes,you feel that you sit there two hours" It is state space-time.
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i'm a bit unclear on what your post has to do with the Buddha Dharma. can you elaborate a bit, please?


The exicise of Buddhism make man's psychology,intelligence and internal energy be improved.
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Here’s one you may find interesting [approximately along relativistic understanding] ‘is there a universal observer’ if so would that not counteract individual observation? thus god or any universal being cannot be an observer - so are blind?:)