The Shining Spark of Truth


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Hello all,

If I have offended I apolgize, it has not been my objective to offend but to facillitate the finding of the shining spark of truth as Abdu'l-Baha' termed it:

"The shining spark of truth cometh forth only after the clash of differing opinions.

(Abdu'l-Baha, Selections from the Writings of Abdu'l-Baha, p. 87)

The clash of differing opinions is not always comfortable. That opinions clash, especially in matters of faith, is inevitable. This is because matters of faith cut to the quick and are so close to the heart.

If you have ever seen two Tibetan Buddhist monks engaged in formal debate there is a lot of gesticulating and yes they do raise their voices.

The only way to engage in dialogue and to avoid such raising of voices is to to mute the dialogue either through censure or through limiting the parameters of that dialogue. I appreciate that Brian is Boss here and what he says goes so I will try and adapt to His parameters.

One thing I should make clear is that I do not see the members of the Universal House of Justice or other Baha'is who participate in the Baha'i Administrative Order as being nefarious, ill intentioned, or as being violators of a covenant. I see the current dynamic which exists in the Baha'i Faith as being a natural one that is as a result of the human natures of all Baha'is as well as all those who have felt they have no recourse but to leave the Baha'i Faith.

I acknowledge my human nature, I try as best I can to embrace it. I believe that only in embracing one's human nature can a person truly embrace that Divine aspect that is within us all. I truly believe we are all ' as one soul ', all one hundred billion of us to have so far graced and disgraced this earth.

Moojan Momen, a Baha'i scholar of some renown, openly admits that the whole spectrum of cognitive styles is represented in the Baha'i Faith. Liberal through to fundamentalist are present within the Baha'i community he states.

Senex ( conservative ) as well as Puer Aeternus ( liberal ) coreligionists share the Baha'i Faith. In order for the Baha'i Faith to continue to be shared by Senex as well as Puer Aeternus coreligionists it will take the clash of differing opinions to bring out the shining spark of truth. Rob Preece explains this dynamic in his article ' Individuation or Institution '. Although he is refering to his experience as a Buddhist, the same dynamic applies in the Baha'i Faith as well as every other religion.

To tell the truth, I wish there were a different way to come to that shining spark other than the clash of differing opinions because as others I sometimes find it uncomfortable.

As Abdu'l-Baha' states though the "right way" can only be found when every Baha'i " expresseth with absolute freedom his own opinion and setteth forth his argument. "

There is only, us we are them, 'as one soul'.

Yours Larry

"This can be attained when every member expresseth with absolute freedom his own opinion and setteth forth his argument. Should anyone oppose, he must on no account feel hurt for not until matters are fully discussed can the right way be revealed."

(Abdu'l-Baha, Selections from the Writings of Abdu'l-Baha, p. 87)