Comet stores (for UK members)

Oooh, not good policy if you want repeat customers! I've been thinking a lot lately about business ethics for other reasons and come to the conculsion that I would be eaten alive in a business environment. I'm sure that there are some that manage to make a profit and have high integrity, but I wonder how often that is true.

Very nice website, by the way Brian. :)

Some shops have great customer care policies - there's a UK chain store called "Woolworths", and they're happy to return anything that you're not happy with, for any reason - so we do a lot of shopping there, because they give us a sense of consumer confidence to do so.

As for being busy - you have no idea. :)
Brian used to be normal. He would go out a lot...


there is still a Woolworths?
that was like the ancient five & dime & always up & up.
Woolworths had some problems a few years back - I think a lot of stores do after a while.