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Discussion in 'Ancient History and Mythology' started by Saponification, Sep 5, 2005.

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    I'm wondering if anyone here is a fan of mythology. I'm not taking the Greek or Egyptian stuff, but the more obscure side of things.

    I've had a look on the 'net for more information about a goddess named Pinga. I know the Inuit had slightly different ideas about gods and goddesses than most people did. What else I know is that Pinga was the goddess of the hunt, fertility and she just so happened to be a psychopomp. I've tried a lot of online encyclopaedias and, well, they suck. Paragraph summaries are not articles. Those encyclopaedias are fine for your Horus, Anubis, Hercules type stuff, but if you're after something even the slightest bit odd...

    Does anyone have any good links for me? Any good books?

    Aside from Pinga, there's a few others I wouldn't mind knowing more about:

    * Yan Luo from Chinese mythology. All I know is he dealt with death, had buddies who carried a scroll with the details of those who died and wasn't a very nice guy. I get a paragraph summary for him everywhere I look.

    * Izanami from Shinto mythology. I know the creation myth and why it was created. What I don't know is what she looked like. Yes, female and Japanese is a good start, but it's not very specific. I didn't think she was that obscure, but most Google-found encyclopaedias I've found think otherwise.

    Any links or books about this more obscure mythology would be great.

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    You might try the works of Gerald Massey, whose works are reprinted at Kessinger publishes. While his work centers on Egypt he makes comparisons to all parts of the globe. I have always liked Manly P. Hall too, who takes explanations to a new level.

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