Hi to all



My names edward i live in ireland, im 25 soon to be 26, i have a wonderful fiancee named karen who is pregnant with our child, i was born to the catholic religion, i have an amazing 5 year old son to another relationship but due to very sad circumstances am unable to visit him, in my heart i love my family my friends my kids (including my unborn child) i dont however love my church, i've read some stuff over the last week that has filled me with hope for the future for all of us regardless of religion (he says sounding like a crackpot!!), because thats the point..........

why should my religion be better than yours and vise versa. why should one think that any religion is better than anothers. That will only (and has) leed to conflict between people.the worldwide competetion on earth for "the best god" prise is a futile one. from what i've read and feel in my bones (and have felt but didnt understand in my life up to now) is that god is not male of female, man or beast, better than you and i or worse than you and i.

You (the person reading this) is my god and i am yours, why?, because we are all made of the same stuff, we all laugh and cry and love the same way (an terrible generalisation i know in a world thats so hung up on detail). we all know in our hearts whats good and bad (even if we dont realise it it's still there) we all look to others for guidence at some point.

But noone speaks of these things, we are scared or ashamed or just plain dont care enough to be bothered which is sad because it's the human soul that suffers in the end not the body,

when we leave this earth thats all we will be is our soul (our energy) our soul is the stuff that makes us who we are its the stuff that makes us laugh and cry the stuff that makes us feel so strongly about things but if we dont care for it like the way we would care for our own children it will be tired when leaving the world.

i will leave you with this....

next time you look in the mirror say to yourself "i am as much a part of absolutly everything in the universe as the universe is part of me" everything is equally important and unimportant, it's just a matter of how much you want to care.

dont think me a crazy because im really not, i'm just finding out stuff about myself that scares and excites me. i just wanted to share it with you

thanks for reading
ed x
Hello Edward--Peace...

Welcome to CR. You found a place to post once; I hope you visit again.

Maybe you will, and I will see you around the boards.