any artists aboard?


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allright so....

i wouldnt concider myslef an artist but i can somewhat draw,
what i am tryin to say is if anyone here wouldnt mind drawing something for me it would be greatly appriciated, i kno im semi-new here but ive been tryin to draw this for so long and i cant nail it.
this is for my new tattoo.

im trying to get a somewhat tribal desighn looking piece that shows a face(female) blowing a cloud of smoke towards up and left (face looking a bit left) and behind the smoke cloud there would be a half moon just showing a bit behind the smoke ......

anyone think they could accomplish this?? lol?? please
if you could please let me know soon or maybe this could become somekind of art show off thread
and exaple if you will of the style im looking for. (not my work)
Hi Chezz--

Nice work--

I am an artist, not in the same way you are, but then all artists are loners. I have found that it does not matter whether others confirm your art. What we create is worth what it is.

Ummm, for what it is worth--I think what you have created "rocks".

nnonoo, that is not my art, i found it on a website im am just saying that , that is the style i am looking for.
Hello Chezz,
I am an artist and would like to help, but I think your looking for something more graphic than my work. Most tatto artists that I know are willing to sit down with you and sketch out images for you. I'm hopefully posting an image of something that I'm working on, but have never submited a post. I mostly just read them. So here it goes, listed as an attachment I think.


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now that is art. if you could give it a shot it would be greatly appreciated. it to go on my arm with smoke rising up toward my shoulder. oh yea it is to be black only im not a big fan of colour. :p

I know this is.... Very old, heh... You may not even be on this board anymore, however... I am wishing to help.... As you haven't said if you got what you wanted.... Anyway, if you do happen to come across this again... I am willing to try. I don't think I am going anywhere... So If you do ever come back to look at this.... Look me up.

maca salāma