The itch mites return

Oh my , Okie. You have now given me one more critter to worry about, or perhaps an explanation for the plethora of bug bites my two daughters (five and 2) seem to accumulate daily. We have oak trees, and they have galls. :eek:

I learned about chiggers when we first moved to MO, and I have my first up close and personal experience with them this spring. I no longer do my gardening without bug goop. Mosquitos, yeah, used to those. Ticks? Only had a couple of those along the way, thank goodness. Ugly little things, although I guess chiggers put them all to shame except that you can't see them.

My husband will be happy to hear about this new excuse to not cut the lawn.

Can you really feel them hopping in your bed? Are they that big? Oh, I'm going to be scratching tonight just thinking about it.
At times I've felt them hopping about on me like fleas. I didn't want to put it that way because some people might then think we have fleas, and we don't.