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Rastafarianism is considered to be a movement but is also known as a
religion. Rastafarianism started at the beginning of time, but was
stolen and hidden by the Philistine, Babylonians and the Romans from
the Israelites or Jews. Blacks or Africans are considered to be the
true descendents from both Northern Israel and Southern Judah. The
movement was preserved by the slaves from northeast side of Africa,
who was considered to be one of the most rebellious slaves of all.
These slaves where taken from Ethiopia and brought to the island
that is known as Jamaica. After the slaves gain independence in
Jamaica, many of them were left below the poverty line. Out of this
hardship came compassion, Native born Jamaican Marcus Mosiah Garvey
was the icon for blacks in Jamaica and around the world. Marcus
Mosiah Garvey prophesize that a Great King shall be crowned in the
east, which was, the "King of Kings, Lord of Lords, conquering Lion
of the tribe of Judah," Emperor Haile Selassie, Jah Rastafari, the
righteous King of Ethiopia. Part from Selassie and Marcus, Prince/
Priest Charles Edwards Emmanuel who was the founder of the
Nyahbinghi makes up the holy divine trinity in the Rasta faith
(Prophet, Priest and King). The main factors in the Rastafari faith
are the Holy Trinity, Bobo Ashanti rituals and Rasta music.

I. The Holy Trinity

a) Haile Selassie Jah Rastafar I (King of the Jews), the
righteous King of Ethiopia aka the "Lord of Lords, King of Kings,
conquering lion of the tribe of Judah". Haile Selassie Means "Might
of the Trinity". Jah Rastafar I stand for "God Head Creator", Jah
means God in Hebrew, Ras means Head and Prince, and Tafari means
creator. Selassie is considered to be "Jah in Flesh" in the Rasta
Faith. Tafari is the name Selassie was titled after his coronation
in Addis Ababa the capital of Ethiopia. Selassie lineage proceeded,
King David, Solomon and Melchizedek which is the ancient King
lineage of the Israelites or Jews. Ethiopia is considered Zion or
the true Jerusalem after the exodus from Egypt. (In the Rastafarian
faith, Blacks is considered to be the true Israelites and was
bamboozled by the Babylonians in believing otherwise.)
b) Marcus Mosiah Garvey (Prophet Moses) was a publisher,
journalist, entrepreneur and a black nationalist who founded the
UNIA-ACL. Garvey is considered to be one of the most dominant
prophets in the Rasta Movement. He prophesize and constructed the
Black Star Liner, which was a tool for blacks to repatriate back to
Africa and build up their own foundation that was stagnated by
slavery and civil war and he also prophesize the coming of the King
in the east.
c) Prince and Priest Charles Edwards Emanuel (Je-sus Christ in
flesh) is considered to be the Great Shepard or the returned Messiah
in the Rastafarian faith. Emmanuel was the founder of the Bobo
Ashanti Rastafarians spiritual order (Nyahbinghi order). And gather
several individuals who followed him and build Bobo Hill or
Jerusalem School Room (The Kingdom of Jah). Bobohill is similar to
Indian reservation except Bobo Hill is much more respected and is on
one of the Biggest Mountains in Jamaica. (There are only four
Bobohills which our located in Jamaica, Ethiopia, Ghana and Miami).

II. Rituals
a) Rastafarians are not allowed to shave any hair from no part
of there body, especially the head and face, this goes for both
males and females. The ritual was given by Moses to the Israelites,
Leviticus 19:27 ye shall not round the corners of your heads;
neither shall thou mar the corners of thy beard. Rastafarians wear
their hair in long rooted locks (dreadlocks is the term none
Rastafarians used but is considered an insult to a Rasta).
b) Rastafarians holy ceremony is on Saturday which is known as
the Sabbath day ( the day of rest to give full devotion to the Most
High Jah Rastafar I)
c) Rastafarians wear turbans and robes as their religious
apparel. Rastafarians wear white turbans and robes on the Sabbath
to signify pureness and cleanliness. The turbans and robes is a
Prince Emmanuel rule of the Nyahbinghi and it was also a ritual the
Israelites practice.
d) The Bible was first manifested in the east written as a
scroll, and the oldest version of the bible is in Ethiopia which is
written in the ancient Ethiopia Language which is Amharic, this
version of the Bible is call the Kebra Negast or "the glory of the
kings". Rastafarians who don't speak Amharic read the King James
Version and interrupted certain terms into Rastafarian terms (ex:
Jesus Christ is refer to Je-sus Christ to refer to the Black Christ
of Nazareth Prince Emmanuel, and God is refer to as Jah to refer to
Haile Selassie, God in flesh).
e) Rastafarians practice the eating regiment "I-Tal." Ital was
taken from the word vital, the letter I is very significant in the
Rasta faith, the letter I signify oneness between all Rastafarians
and Jah. The Ital diet does not consist of meat, dairy products,
fruit that grow from vines (especial grapes) or even salt. Rasta
consumes all natural veggies, gains, legumes and herbs. Ital is
also refers to Rasta medicine practice, which is strictly herbal
(Western medicine is not advocated by the Rastafarians).
f) Repatriation is one of the biggest tasks of the Rastafarian
faith especially to those who don't live in Ethiopia. Ethiopia,
Africa is similar to Muslims and Mecca. Ethiopia is the home of
Rastafarians father, Haile Selassie and his children must return and
fulfill his works ("Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all
the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Most High
Jah forever." Psalm 23-9)

III. Rastafarian Music
a) Rastafarian Spiritual Music is known as Nyahbinghi which
consist of three drums, two small ones and one big one. The small
drums are called the "Kete" drums and the big drum is called the
bass drum or "Thunder Drum". The Nyahbinghi Music is played during
the Sabbath. The Nyahbinghi is a constant beat that mimics the
heart beat at a very slow pace and can refer to the words "Do…
Good". Nyahbinghi is considered to be the first music of the earth
and is good for the heart, soul and mind.
b) One of the mainstream influences that Rastafarianism has
made is known as the music Reggae which means "poor or suffering
people Music". Reggae was created from Jamaican Ska. Reggae music
was used as a vehicle to teach Rasta principles, but not all Reggae
artists are Rastafarians and teach Rasta beliefs. (Ex: "I'm a Lion
from mount Zion" Bob Marley and "The King in the east shall set me
free" Peter Tosh). Bob Marley was one of the most famous
Rastafarian roots reggae artists that ever played during the 70's.
Reggae music is now split into two forms of music which is "roots"
and "dancehall". Dancehall Music is a mixture of roots reggae and
hip hop. Dancehall is another form of music that teaches Rastas
concepts (ex: "More fire pon Babylon" Capleton and "Rastafari is my
strength and hope" Sizzla Kalonji.

Rastafarianism is good for the mind, body and soul. Spiritual
mediation is a must for all religions and shall be more profoundly
practice in all religions (Psalm 1:2 "my delight is in the Law of
the Most High Jah; and in His Law I meditate day and night."). With
out the body or the temple being in good condition, one cannot live
a prosperous life to the best Jah intended. And lastly the soul is
eternal and shall not be tainted by any temptation. Rastafarianism
basic arithmetic is good over evil, life over death, and right over
wrong. There is so much stigma and mockery towards Rastas, Jamaica,
Africa and Black People in general, but 400 yrs and plus
of "downpression" from the "white race" has paralysis the minds of
most of us for generations, and Rastafarianism is our true identity,
royalty, spirituality and the ancient monarchy of the "Black Race"
and honor was first created in the east and Jah works must prevail.

Holy Emmanuel I, Selassie I, Jah Rastafar I, Jah Bless!
One Love

There You Go, CanuckRasta ;)
One Love.

Thank You for bringing Rastafarianism out and giving us a better understanding.

What is your take on unification of all religion?
Thanks for the info - much appreciated. :)

It does seem that from your description that part of Rastafarianism is less about seeking to go to a specific place (ie, repatriate in Ethiopia), and instead is a focus on seeking a sense of personal freedom. Does that make sense?
Yes, Brian that makes alot of sense. Repartriation isn't happening very quickly - with the Shashamene issues and then the reelection of the Ethiopian government. Something is planned for next year I believe, wonder how many contacts I'm losing.

By the way, with regards to this article, I am gonna have to throw a disclaimer on it. Seems its a very conservative perspective on Rastafari, not sure if the majority of the movement would agree.

Hopefully all faiths can come together. CR and RF are examples of how this can be done thru the internet.

One Love
Awesome; thanks for the info, CanuckRasta. I'm currently trying to gather info on Rastafari (not Rastafarianism--learned today that this can be an insulting term to Rastas, who decry 'isms and schisms') for my interfaith radio show tomorrow. I'll be playing reggae music and discussing Rasta as well as other black power, roots movements. Your input here is very helpful and appreciated. Thanks, bro. :cool:
Greetings I,

You are very welcome, Pathless. Hope the radio show went well. Contact me if you need anything else.

Fiyah bu'n dem ism-skism!!


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