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I'm sorry to say that i am a newbie here but i have small problem that a community of people like you may be able to solve.

12 years ago when i was on a working holiday to the channel islands i had the fortune to happen upon a book that became very important to me over the years, its name was 'Modern magick, 11 lessons in the high magickal arts' by Donald Kraig, i have so far failed to locate a pdf version of this text and wondered if anyone knew where i might locate it.

I would be grateful for any ideas.

Hi there.

I agree that Donald Michael Kraig's books, especially his "Modern Magick," are excellent. "Modern Magick" is one of the first books I recommend to anyone who is interested in learning about magick.

However, I also discourage people from obtaining pirated copies of an author's work. Since the publisher of Kraig's "Modern Magick" does not sell PDF versions of their work, any PDF version that is out there would have to be illegal unless it came directly from the author personally.

There are only a very small number of authors who have made it rich at writing -- J. K. Rowling is one, and Stephen King might count as another. I don't think there are any who publish occult or magickal books that are rich off of their writing. A lucky few might be able to make a meagre living at it, but none are rich.

Please support our hardworking authors by buying legal copies of their work. By doing that they might be encouraged to write even more!

Most bookstores will happily special-order a book in for you if they don't have it on their shelves. Please order a copy of whatever books you want through your local bookstores, or order copies online from any of the many online bookstores that are out there.

That being said, there are free copies of public domain documents that might interest you at These are all documents that are no longer covered by copyright as the original authors are long dead, or the documents were specifically put into the public domain by the authors. You won't find any of Donald Michael Kraig's work there though.
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