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Zdrastvuitsye, hola, shalom, salaam, konbanwa, namastar ji, hej, greetings, etc.

My name is Phyllis, but my "double translated" name is Sidhe Uaine (which is Gaelic for "foliage spirit".) I know two of the members on board (I, Brian and bananabrain) from a forum that is now closed, so I decided to follow them here.

I'm kind of caught between two paths: Jewish and pagan, and my spirituality is best described as "dance floor". I mean, I express my spirituality through dancing instead of through the "traditional" methods of words since words can have two or more meanings but actions rarely have more than one. I don't follow Reclamation Judaism since I need a much freer way to express my feelings towards the Higher Powers.

I'll answer almost any question asked, but I thought I'd just say hi.

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
Hi Phyllis Sidhe_Ulaine, and welcome to the comparative-religion.com forum!

I'm glad to see we have a few refugees from the MM board - all I can hope for is that this place lives up to any necessary expectations. Mutual respect is the key here, so I sincerely hope you can find interesting and mature discussion among the other membership - present, and future. :)
Thanks for the welcome mat, I, Brian, and hello to you, too, Elizabeth May.

I was reading the posting concerning Elizabeth May's move, and it reminded me of my own move from a house (4 bedrooms, 12 human people living in it) to a studio apartment (I really miss my furred purrson, Shadow Kibblesbane, but I had to leave him behind since the landlord doesn't allow pets and Shadow is now in the Summerlands for felines, and I am not allowed another furred purrson despite having a prescription for one. :mad: )

A nice site that I frequent is Recipe Source (http://www.recipesource.com) where I've found a great recipe for baked doughnuts (I pig out on those things when I'm not at school) and it's a great comfort for me to make a huge mess in my kitchen.

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
Okay - you've got me curious. I've now downloaded the recipe for "baked cinnamon-apple sauce doughnuts". :)
Not started yet - I'll try plain doughnuts first.

Btw - I think you most definitely need to change your user title to "Official Welcomer", or similar. :)