Universal Law



Universal law for understanding, peace and happiness:

Understand that you are the product of a decision making process in which you continuously respond to conditions outside your control. You are the sole responsible of maximizing your happiness and minimizing your suffering. The change lies within you…

During all thought, word and action; and in all omission of thought, word and action, contemplate:

Is it neutral or does it cause happiness for me and my neighbor?

Yes? Continue.

No? Stop.

Does it cause suffering for me or my neighbor?

Yes? Stop.

No? Continue.

Try it at all instants and you’ll notice the benefits...

Egoism is the search for personal happiness without regards of other people’s suffering; and an unnecessary cause of conflicts, perhaps the root to all of them.

Please; analyze this, apply it, distribute it; in a gradual and consistent way, perhaps we may reach a change for the better.

Mr. Nobody