What if...



What if everything were made of light? What if we are merely particles of light on a giant projection screen? What if God is watching us like a movie along with angels as critics? What if your acting is bad and the movie you are making of your life is boring and horrible? What happens when you die? Does the movie end or do you stand before your critics?
Hi lucidservant - and welcome to comparative-religion.com!

I think somehow we're harking very much back to Plato here, with his shadows on the cave wall - which, perhaps, is a particular focus for Eastern Thought (where's Vajradhara? :) ).

And, of course, there's the familiar allegory (or should that be metaphor? :) ) that "All the world's a stage". :)

But made of light - perhaps not. After all, we are already composed of condensed energy. :)