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What is Ocean?


Ocean is a free collection of the World's Religious literature managed by a unique book-centered research engine. It contains over 1000 books of 10 world religions in English as well as collections in six other languages (French, Spanish, German, Russian, Dutch, and Portuguese). If you have a slow internet connection don't despair. We will happily mail you a CD at cost anywhere on the planet!

Our purpose in giving away Ocean is to promote amity among religions through greater understanding. It is our belief that the actual teachings of the various religions are not so different as some people would have us believe. True, religions have been used by power-hungry leaders as a tool to divide people. But eventually people will get tired of formulaes of hate and begin to ask "what do the scriptures really say?"

What they will find is shocking: the core message of all the world's religious writings is the same: ethical integrity, honesty, sincerity, compassion, tolerance and non-violence. No kidding! It's hard to accept this in a world filled with "religious" bigotry and hatred -- but just look for yourself!

Enjoy Ocean, share it freely. If you appreciate our project, help out by spreading the word. If you have a web-page, feel free to add the Ocean button which will direct people straight to this page. Peace.

It contains writings from Bahai, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, Hindu, Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Sikh and Tao.

There are for instance five English translations of the Qur'an including the most scholarly recommended translations by Sale and Rodwell.

Christian writings include the King James Bible, the apocrypha, Saint Augustine and other commentary. The King James Bible has the chapoters arranged alphabetically which I have found very attractive.

A full word search is available for all the documents.

Best of all the download is free, CD's are available for cost of the media and mailing.

The download can take a while on Dial-up. It is continually updated.

Moved from the News section, as that's only really for site news - but others feel free to post their religion resources here and we'll make a thread of it. :)
Yaqinud Din said:
I would say this is fine but if anyone would like to know about Islam its best to go to Muslim sites here is a good list.Here are some book stores also
Yaqinud Din said:
One can also use the web searchable islamic site "The Noble Qur'an"
It has the Yusufali, Pickthal and Shakir. I find Pickthall the most poetic. Its runs parallel with all three versions displayed at once.

Here are some additional resources that may be of interest:

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Early Christian Writings
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Bibliographies for Studies of Spirituality & Mysticism
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Early Jewish Writings
Early Jewish Writings is the most complete collection of Jewish documents from antiquity with translations, introductions, and links.

All the best,

Hazratio (aka Wayne)
One thing I like about the Ocean program is that you can add more scripture to its library by simply dragging and dropping a plain text document (notepad) into the proper Ocean Library folder, and then you can use the Ocean search protocols on those scriptures, as well. :)