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I believe that is the correct spelling, I just wanted to throw the idea out there amongst the masses and see how you feel and reply... Should it be allowed to mercy kill? Say for example a sweet five year old girl... not allways is it the old. Just wanted to see peoples views..
I've moved this to the Politics board on the grounds that this may not be a discussion about enthusiasm as much as euthanasia... :)
I would say that in general, a person has the right to choose whether to live or to die for any reason, sick or not.

It is a more difficult question in the case of young childred who may be too immature to make the judgement for themselves.
Indeed that is why my example was a little girl, who would truly not know the best choice of life or death. I believe to certain extent yes you should have a right to die if you wish from a tormenting diesase an such but when you bring a child into the picture it isn't that easy to decided.. What of Suicide I am sure it is known as sin?
Re: Euthanasia

i dont have an absolute answer for it. sometimes i think there is a miracle sign given to those who make that decision & this is the only conclusion i can come to, from those i personally have known when asked & chose not to.
i think it takes a special person & precise moment to be able to reach those who would make the wrong decision.
Circumstance is a big thing to consider.
For someone terminally ill who can't make that choice presents a different picture though i cant seem to justify it, I am not the judge of someone elses life making decisions.
There again I would seek a miracle sign from them & what they would want.

Otherwise, it appears to be suicide to me & would prefer to see them hold on.
As of now that is just what I see on it.
Re: Euthanasia

Kindest Regards, all!

Politically speaking, I think the crux lies in choice. Law or not, a person can take their own life, that is their decision. It is between them and God.

However, I have to draw a line at legally enforced euthanasia. Such as "the final solution." When comes the time society deems it in the interest of the whole for certain segments to be...ummm...eliminated, that I do not think is morally justifiable. That is one thing that distinguishes civilized humans from the rest of the animals, we take care of our own, even the aged, infirmed, physically and mentally challenged, and unproductive. That helps to make us who we are.