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0 is not a place for flame wars.

Discuss, debate, disgree - but please note that personal abuse will not be tolerated. Note that you signed a user agreement to that effect when you joined.

Of course, emotive topics and various subjects may result in heated discussion. There's no intention of disciplining members simply for that. However, there is a line, hopefully obvious with a little common sense, about what constitutes strong opinion and what constitutes personal attack.

Please simply attempt to be respectful of those you may disagree with.
Please also note that as the forum expands, topics will likely be moved to new boards. I will ensure that any moved topics are clearly marked and that an URL to the new area will be provided. :)
You know, probably as the result of my own laziness, I don't have a clue what Foundationism stands for. Would you consider starting a thread propounding your philosophy and opening it for discussion?
Yes, "Foundationism" was the original concept for this site for a couple of weeks in April, when this place existed as the domain "".

Essentially, it was going to be a "new" philosophy related to and incorporating agnosticism and comparative religion.

But I spent so much time building the site resources that I completely neglected to build a coherent philosophy - and when I attempted to explore one the general response was that I was simply re-inventing agnosticism. It was all a bit embarrassing really. :-[

I realised I should move towards a more neutral stance of general comparative religion - and then the site server was hacked, then taken completely offline.

I took that opportunity to redesign the site content, purchase a new domain, and then eventually managed to settle "" in a stable environment for public launch.

I may still use the "" domain somewhere one day for expressing my own personal philosophy. Once I can better atriculate what it actually is. :)

Regardless, "" will remain it's own independent - and strictly neutral - project.